When lifting-lowering in high-speed Elevator (the plane) quite a few repetitive motion-sparivanii (for example, chew a chewing gum).
If water will help the same movement-slatinany and treatment of the external cavity of the ear with a cotton swab.
Breathing deeply, strongly, but not sharply, exhale through pinched his nose. Repeat a few times.
Massage of the eardrum. Covering the palm of his ear, stroking slowly make a circular motion. Or just RUB the ear for three to five minutes.
During the initial catarrhal inflammation of the simplest ways is the use of vodka-alcohol compress or heating. In a clean towel, wrap a hot pan table salt and apply the resulting warmer to laid the ear.
As a hot compress, you can use beets. Peeled beets cut into pieces and boil in honey syrup. Apply to laid the ear in the form of warm bandages.
The flagellum gauze impregnated with a mixture of 10% alcohol tincture of propolis and olive oil, put the flagellum in the ear for at least two hours. Repeat daily for two weeks.
Heat almond or peanut butter, put two or three drops into the ear and make a warm dressing.
Prepare an infusion of chamomile. Boil a teaspoon of the dry collection in a glass of water, let it brew, strain. Bury warm.
Mix equal proportions of 10% alcohol tincture of propolis and honey. Instill two drops at night.
If you suspect a sulfuric cork folk healers offer as ambulance hydrogen peroxide. Lie on your right side laid the ear up and insert in it a sufficient number of three-percent hydrogen peroxide solution. Be prepared for reactions and uncomfortable feelings. Duration – no more than five minutes. Complete the process by rinsing with warm water.