To relieve ear you can try at home, but you need to be sure of its reason. If you know that the ear becomes wet, or you have a tendency to the emergence of cerumen in the ears, you can use the following tools.
If the ear is exposed to water, you need to immediately hop on one foot, cocking my head to the side laid ear, and slam it with your palm. Thus, in most cases it is possible to "knock out" from an ear caught in the liquid. Hearing is immediately restored.
If the cause of the congestion became cerumen, take hydrogen peroxide and pour one drop in the ear. After a few seconds the peroxide will begin to foam in the ear, dissolving sulfur. Blockage will be dissolved and the hearing restored.
In the absence of peroxide, you can use olive oil or glycerin. Any of these tools, warmed and infused into the ear 2-3 drops. After 3-5 minutes, take the cotton swab and clean the ear. The heated oil or glycerin softens sulfuric stopper.
You can also remove a sulfuric stopper with hot water in the shower. 10-15 minutes, spent under hot water will help to soften the plug of earwax and reduce pain from ear stuffiness.
To relieve ear during takeoff of the aircraft due to pressure changes will help chewing gum. With constant chewing in the oral cavity increases the amount of saliva that will make you more likely to keep swallowing. Due to this, the pressure from the ears will be removed.
During the cold you cannot blow your nose, closing both nostrils, or the mucus from the nasopharynx can enter the ear and cause inflammation. When you blow your nose, keep the mouth open.
If the ear congestion is accompanied by severe pain, you can take antihistamines. Ears not to be trifled with – always consult your doctor!