You will need
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • almond butter
To cure stuffy ears, consult a doctor. The reasons for the laying may be several, the simplest is the accumulation of earwax. In this case, the ENT will just wash out your ears. The procedure takes few minutes and is completely painless.
In no case do not self-medicate! The reason is congestion of the ears can be a sign of otitis media. In such a situation you need to treat not stuffy, and is causing her illness. If you believe that the laying of the ear is not the cause of serious illness and visit the doctor is not possible, refer to people's means and advice.
Follow a diet. Stress products such as carrots, apples, radishes and the like. Eat them raw, as thorough chewing of solid foods destroys accumulated in the ear sulphur.
Take a hot shower, tub or visit the sauna. The steam will help break down sulfur, which is the cause of ear stuffiness.
Do not use sharp objects to solve problems with the removal of earwax as it might damage the eardrum.
Squeeze in a stuffy ear a few drops of peroxide of hydrogen, and you will see how the bubbling sulfur will begin to release the organ of hearing.
If laying the ears is caused by pressure differences, yawn as widely as possible and frequently swallowing saliva. This will help to cure stuffy ears.
Take almond oil and drop it into a stuffy ear about 5 drops, and then close tightly with cotton wool ear hole. This method will help in softening of sulfur, which after the procedure remove with the help of special sticks and warm water.
And finally, the simplest way to get rid of stuffy ears: pinch the nostrils with your hand, breathe a minute mouth, and then closed his mouth, exhale. Yes, the feeling in the head will be unpleasant, but the feeling of stuffiness of the ears will disappear.