The ears are starting to hurt due to otitis media, common cold, foreign body in the ear canal, infections and even tooth decay. The most common cause of pain is otitis media is an inflammation in the ear, which is accompanied by severe pain and formation of pus. Internal otitis develops or along with flu and sore throat, either as an independent disease, whereas otitis externa provokes damage to the mucous membranes of the ear with matchstick or cotton Bud.
Ear pain caused by being hit in the ear a variety of infections are accompanied by severe itching, which ill try to get rid of different ways. This often leads to mechanical irritation of the sheath of the auditory canal, deepening the infection and become painful. In addition, the cause of the pain may be in the ear, and the tooth – in the presence of acute dental caries, inflammatory process spreads the pain on the temples and ears. Also, the ears can hurt when zastuzheny auditory nerve, various neuralgia, diseases of the nervous system after injury.
If the otitis media is acute, you can ease the pain with warming, making a compress of cotton wool and gauze which is moistened with boric alcohol or camphor oil and tightly to the affected ear. Also can be applied to the ear tissue or cellophane wrap with heated salt. Outer ear infections begin to heal with the removal of the festering boil, the surface of which sear it with iodine and treated with hydrogen peroxide.
Heating is strictly contraindicated in the dental caries and acute otitis media because in these cases, they only worsen the condition and accelerate the development of the disease. In the formation of pus in the ear must visit doctor who will remove the pus using a small surgical operation. Furthermore, in infectious otitis media should take a course of antibiotics and gauze to make lotions with antiseptic solutions destroy bacteria. After treatment ear pain need to wear a warm hat in cold season, avoid drafts and getting dirty water in the ear canal, and to observe the rules of hygiene.