You will need
  • - mineral oil;
  • - olive oil;
  • - painkillers.
Until that moment how sore ears will be examined by a specialist, can alleviate the condition and to try to get rid of pain. The ear pain subsides when sitting – blood pours from the upper torso and the pressure on the ears is reduced. Cleaning of the auditory tube helps to drink plenty of liquids, so drink often and a lot. The movement of the jaws improves the patency of the auditory tube and, therefore, when pain in the ears often recommended to chew – eat little and often and chew gum or candy.
Ear pain is often caused by the common cold, so take a vasoconstrictor. Removal of edema in the nasal cavity restores patency of the auditory tube and temporarily relieves.
The measures of the first necessity when pain in the ears can be attributed to warming. Pour in a bottle of warm water and apply to the sore ear, then drip a few drops of warm sterile paraffin oil (you can use a calcined olive oil) – the main goal of backfilling is to mitigate the tissue of the eardrum. Make a hot compress, close the ear a piece of cotton wool and wrap a warm cloth. To warm up the ears only in the absence of purulent process and the better the doctor.
If the cause of pain in the ears is wet, you can take the following measures:- shake head, jump up on the side of the patient ear. The opposite ear, close the hand;
- drip a few drops of camphor or isopropyl alcohol in the ears – so the water will start to evaporate.
Severe pain is very difficult to stand in need of relief. Take one tablet a monkeypainlinking means to alleviate their condition. Do not drink the pills before your appointment, so as not to "smear" the picture of the disease. Before you start taking you a bit to ease the pain, laying in my bad ear a piece of cotton dipped in warm boric acid solution or heated vegetable oil.