Advice 1: How to remove pain when otitis

When starting a cold it is important to remove the shooting pain in the ear. There are several ways to relieve pain, both medical and folk. In any case, before you start treatment, you need to first consult with your doctor.
How to remove pain when otitis
You will need
  • - "Paracetamol"
  • - ear drops Otipax"
  • - 3% alcohol solution
  • - camphor or almond oil
  • - onions
  • - linseed oil
  • - alcohol tincture of propolis
  • - med
To anesthetize the initial stage of otitis helps "Paracetamol", assigned in age doses. You can use ear drops "Drops", which have analgesic effect. In addition, it is possible to reduce pain using a compress according to one of the founders: we have to soak gauze 3% alcohol solution (boric acid and glycerin) and insert it in your ear. Keep the solution in the ear canal for 3-5 hours.
A proven remedy that can help with strong pain, is the use of camphor oil. Bury it in the ear should be in a heated state. Analgesic properties and almond oil.
A tampon made of onion, you can reduce ear pain. A few pieces of onion should be carefully wrapped in cotton wool and insert it into the ear, being careful not to stick it deeply. The use of tampons helps to not only remove the pain, but to clear the nasopharynx. Juice squeezed from baked onions, you can also ear drops to stop "shooting" pain. If you mix a paste of onions with Flaxseed oil, it is possible to obtain a mixture, which is also used as tampons that are inserted into the ears to reduce the pain of otitis media.
Another effective way to relieve pain during otitis is the use of propolis. It is necessary to mix an alcohol tincture of propolis with honey (1:1) and before bedtime to drip into your ears (2-3 drops). Leave the inflammation and the pain will pass. You can also mix the ethanolic extract of propolis (10%) of the corn oil ratio of 1:2. Received seven have shaken. After this you need to gauze a tourniquet, to impregnate it with the returned emulsion and lay in the ear canal for 4 hours. The procedure is recommended daily for 15 days.
To remove the "firing" of the pain will help the warming of the ear. A cotton swab dipped in warm water and insert into the affected ear. Keep in the ear until it cools, repeat the heat up to 4 times a day until pain.

Advice 2: How to remove pain in the ear

Pain and congestion in the ear appears when otitis. The disease may develop as a consequence of inflammatory processes in the throat, teeth and other organs, which are located in close proximity to the ear canal. The duration and methods of treatment depend on the severity of otitis media.
How to remove pain in the ear
You will need
  • - antibiotics;
  • - ear drops;
  • - camphor oil;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • - cotton swabs.
Make an appointment at your local hospital or contact a private clinic. Curing otitis media yourself is impossible, therefore, to visit ENT doctor you still have. After the inspection you will pick up the treatment. In acute stages of otitis media needs a course of antibiotic therapy. Take prescribed medication according to the pattern that was prescribed by a specialist. In some cases, produce a puncture of the tympanic membrane, after which the patient's condition improves.
If the inflammation is not strong, most likely you will be assigned only warming or antibacterial drops. Use them in strict compliance with the instructions. Do not drip more often than recommended. Inflammation faster would not take place. Improvements will appear not earlier than in 2-4 days, in some cases — a little later.
If you want good help camphor oil. Drip into the sore ear a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to dissolved sulfur. Blot the moisture with a cotton pad and clean the passage with chopsticks. Only after that, put camphor oil.
Dry heat also helps in treatment of otitis media. But a warming not in the presence of pus, as it may not out and inside, which will cause serious complications. Ask your doctor for advice.
Buy at any pharmacy herbalcandles. Carefully read the annotation. Light one end candle, and the opposite insert in the ear passage. Procedure is carried out several times a day until complete healing.
Visit the doctor to have it re-examined the inner ear. Sometimes disappear only symptoms of otitis media, when the inflammation subsides only slightly. In this case, the necessary adjustments to previously prescribed treatment. May also need additional tests, especially if the otitis media is no more than 2-4 weeks.

Advice 3: Shooting in ear: how to do a compress?

If in ear shot, it can be a sign of otitis media. If the disease is not treated, it can become chronic. In the treatment of otitis, particularly otitis media, in addition to medications, the doctor usually appoints hot compress on the ear. The imposition of such a compress is fast enough to eliminate discomfort and pain, improve circulation and speed recovery.
Shooting in ear: how to do a compress?

The types of compresses in the ear

Compress on the ear can be oil or alcohol. Oil is done by applying camphor or vegetable oil and a long time retains heat.

But alcohol compress is more convenient to use, since the oil goes on clothes and sheets and furniture. But because this type of compress has found wide application in practice.

How to make a compress on the ear

The sooner you make a compress, the faster you can get rid of discomfort in the ear. For this you will need:
- gauze (preferably using ready gauze);
- the bandage;
vodka or alcohol;
- camphor oil;
- scissors - 2 pieces.

To avoid damage to the skin and not scald it, remember that the hot compress is imposed is not the ear that hurts and around it. First, take a folded several times a piece of cheesecloth or gauze. Cut out the center hole of such a diameter that it can fit the ear.

As a means for impregnation is usually applied camphor oil. It is also possible to use vegetable oil, diluted alcohol or vodka. If you make alcohol compress, apply an alcohol solution.

After this it is necessary that the cloth slightly soaked with alcohol or oil. Then it should be released to the clothes or the hair is not drops. Apply the prepared poultice on the sore ear. To do this, place it in the cut you did earlier in tissue paper or gauze. After that, apply a layer of cotton wool and wrap the ear with a bandage, a scarf, a shawl or a scarf.

This compress should be changed every 4 hours, but it can be put for the night. In the morning after sleep you need to replace it with a new one.

Compress on the ear: additional recommendations

If you apply alcohol compress, pre-lubricate fat cream the area around the ear. This is done in order to avoid burning the skin.

Making alcohol compress the baby, you need to dilute the vodka with water in a ratio of 1:1. This is necessary in order to protect the child from the risk of burns. If you use alcohol, its strength should be 20-25%.

If the body temperature of the patient increased, the compress on the ear it is impossible to impose. This can cause undesirable consequences. When inflammation of the mastoid, eczema of the face and neck, the presence of purulent processes applying hot compress also strictly contraindicated.

It is also important to remember that there are many types of otitis media, in which heat is contraindicated. So put compresses only after the consultation about this treatment method with the otolaryngologist.

Advice 4: How to relieve ear pain in a child

Ear pain in a child may occur after swimming in contact with foreign bodies, but mainly at the beginning of colds. Eustachian tube in children is wide and short, so infection in the nose or the nose and throat easily passes to the middle ear cavity. Parents should always know how to relieve the pain in your baby's ear.
How to relieve ear pain in a child
You will need
  • - Boric alcohol;
  • Vata;
  • - compress paper or film;
  • - drops or otinum;
  • - vasoconstrictor nasal drops.
Contact if you experience pain in the ears in children to the doctor and completely follow all of his recommendations. The pediatrician or the ENT will examine the child and prescribe treatment. Acute otitis media in most cases responds well to conservative treatment with antibiotics with simultaneous treatment of the nasopharynx and the use of ear drops.
Treat runny nose in a child, as it is the main reason of emergence of children's otitis media. Try not to bury the child ear drops to a medical examination, so as not to "smear" the true picture of the disease. Besides, the baby can be damaged eardrum, in this case the drops will fall into the cavity of the middle ear and can cause damage to the auditory nerve. The doctor will determine the integrity of the tympanic membrane.
If immediate medical attention for any reason, try to minimize the pain experienced by the child. Drip into the baby's nose vasoconstrictor drops - naphazoline, nazivin, xylitol. They reduce secretions from the nose and improve the patency of the auditory tube.
Can be inserted into the ears with cotton swabs soaked in a little warmed boric alcohol. If no purulent discharge, drip a few drops otipaks or otinum. They must be heated to 36°C. place the vial for a few seconds in hot water, and then check the degree of heat, dropping the medication on the inner side of the elbow. When buried, the cure, pull the ear back and upwards to straighten the ear canal.
Make a hot compress on the ear of the child, it will help to reduce the pain. Lubricate the skin around the ear liquid paraffin, soak in warm vodka or Bourne alcohol cloth, wring and place it around the ear. It is convenient to use a napkin with a cut-out hole for the ear. From top, apply plastic wrap or a special compress paper, then a layer of cotton wool and primenjuje to the head. Keep compress one to two hours. It is advisable to carry out this procedure twice a day until the disappearance of pain. You may give your child painkillers - paracetamol, ibufen in pediatric dosage.
Useful advice
Remember that the child with acute otitis media need medical help, no matter how far he may be.

Advice 5: How to relieve ear pain

Pain in the ear itself is not life-threatening, but still when it occurs, you should immediately contact your doctor. After all even banal otitis media may be complicated by bacterial infection and lead to very unpleasant complications. Only a qualified doctor is able to prescribe appropriate antibiotics and help deal with the problem. But there are ways that allow you to ease the pain prior to visiting a specialist.
How to relieve ear pain
You will need
  • - warm water;
  • Vata;
  • - alcohol;
  • - wax paper;
  • - the bandage;
  • - gauze, vaseline or baby cream;
  • Sol;
  • - ammonia;
  • - camphor oil;
  • - the onion.
If the ear ache, it "shoots", felt intense pain, but you don't have any drugs, you can do a very simple remedy. Heat the water so that it became warm. Twist of cotton wool flagellum and dipping. Then insert it in the ear. Once the water is in any case should not be hot. Flagellum hold in the ear for 20-30 seconds, until cool. You should feel a pleasant warmth. When the wool is slightly cooled, repeat the procedure. And so – several times in a row. If you warm the ear often enough, the pain will pass.
Helps to relieve ear pain compress. To make it very simple. RUB the skin around the ear with vaseline or oily baby cream. Dissolve the normal or camphor alcohol with water in proportion 1 to 1 and soak in a solution of clean gauze. Wrung out, attach to areas around the ear, but not cover the ear canal. Put a piece of wax paper or cellophane on it – cotton. All secure with bandage or a warm scarf. Holding a compress for a few hours, if necessary, take several times a day. But on the night don't leave.
There is another old remedy to relieve pain in the ear. This remedy also treats. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of coarse salt in 1 liter of water. In another vessel mix well 100 g of a 10% ammonia and 10 g camphor oil. Connect with the saline solution and shake. First, there will be white flakes, it is necessary to stir until then, until they disappear. Soak in the mixture a piece of cotton wool, slightly wring out and put in a sore ear. To keep you the whole year.
For some time relieves pain normal bow. Take a small onion, cut into pieces and boil until soft. Onion broth not pour, wipe his ear. Then put in the ear welded bow and wait. After 15 minutes, the pain should subside, but soon she'll be back, so lay cooked onions have constantly, until the opportunity to visit a doctor.

Advice 6: What antibiotic to take for otitis media

Antibacterial drugs, or antibiotics for treatment of otitis media is prescribed on the basis of the clinical picture and taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient. Most often, patients of the otolaryngologist is the inside "Cefuroxime", "Spiramycin", "Amoxicillin" and "Augmentin". Their intake is supplemented by the use of antipyretics, and the introduction in the ear drops containing cortisone.
What antibiotic to take for otitis media

Otitis media: General information about the disease, its causes

Otitis media is a disease of the middle ear Department of inflammatory-infectious etiology that can occur acutely and chronically. Otolaryngologists subdivide it into an outer and middle. In adults the development of otitis media may be accompanied by ear pain, decreased hearing, fever. The kids who can't complain of bad state of health, the main signs of the disease may be weeping, irritability, vomiting, high temperature. The appearance of these symptoms is due to the body's fight against infection, hit the "nasopharynx – middle ear", which can swell and close.

Causes of otitis can be:
- General cooling, which leads to narrowing of peripheral blood vessels;
infection, long-term "sitting" in the region of the nasopharynx and involved in adverse to the body conditions;
- weakened immunity due to poor nutrition and insufficient vitamins and minerals;
- Eustachian – inflammation of the auditory tube;
- mastoiditis is an inflammatory – infectious disease that affects the internal cells of the mastoid process.

Treatment of otitis with antibiotics

Adult patients for the treatment of otitis media is assigned to "Roxithromycin" is a drug from the group of macrolides. It is designed for internal use and are taking it 2 times a day before meals for 0.15 g.
Children under 12 years of age for the treatment of otitis administered macrolide "Clarithromycin". He is taken inside, according to the medical appointment or for instructions.

The antibiotic "Cefuroxime" comes in different forms. It can be administered intramuscularly, intravenously and taken inside. The drug has an excellent bacterial properties, but during pregnancy and lactation it is prescribed, after weighing all the possible risks for woman and child. One-time dosage is usually 0.25 g. in acute disease, it may increase twice.

"Amoxicillin", intended for internal ingestion, comes in 2 forms – tablets and powder. The dosage and frequency of its application is assigned a specialist individually. Due to the high bactericidal effect of this antibiotic has proven successful in the treatment of many diseases.
To take antibiotics to get rid of otitis media should be at least 10 days. Otherwise, the acute form of the disease may become chronic.

Given that all antibacterial agents intended for the treatment of otitis media, can cause damage to the beneficial flora of the intestine, the doctor should also prescribe medication that is made on the basis of bifidobacteria. You should also know that independent attempts to cure otitis fraught with deterioration of the General condition and the rapid progression of the infection.
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