One of the most common problems for which human hands can peel off the fingers, is insufficient hydration. The first thing in this case you need to pay attention to is soap. Sometimes it may be hiding the main reason of this problem. Most often, the peeling causes a deodorizing or antimicrobial soap. Dermatologists in this case, we recommend to use soap that contains a huge amount of fat, as it brings great benefits to the skin.
Perhaps the reason why peel the fingers can be the wrong hand care: if you have dry skin should not be confined to the cream. The fact that in the age of 25 the skin starts to dehydrate and age. Therefore, you should regularly care for their hands: to clean the skin, nourish it and moisturize. Peeling on the fingers can be caused by lack of certain vitamins in the human body. This usually occurs in the winter-spring period. It is recommended to eat more fruits and take vitamin-mineral complexes.
Cause peeling of the fingers may be due to the irritant effect on some detergents and cleaning products: washing powder, liquid dishwashing, etc. the fact is that household chemicals can damage the epidermis, protects the skin from influence of external adverse factors. Sometimes such chemicals may cause skin diseases – dermatitis, eczema. In this case, certainly need to seek help from a doctor. Another reason fungal infection. It is a serious violation of the integral structure of the skin. Here, too, can not do without the dermatologist.
Delicate skin may begin to peel off due to dust and also to be a response to improper diet, pet hair, etc. And in winter this problem may be associated not only with a lack of essential vitamins, but also because of the contrasting difference of temperatures: from cold to warm. Excess moisture also encourages the fingers on the peeling. In this case, it arises directly between them. It is recommended after each wash to wipe your hands.
Increased exposure to ultraviolet rays on the skin can also cause flaking. This problem occurs as a result of violations of metabolism in the body. Often delicate skin suffers because of the permanent contact with the ground: a gardener working at the site, the digger digging a trench, etc., Cement and dust also make the skin rough and scaly. Poor hygiene is another cause of the problem. In addition, if the skin special delicate and sensitive, you should not use bath towels, for this there are cotton.