Unpleasant sensation arising from itch, and compel the person to comb itchy areas of the body, which leads to redness, flaking and inflammation of the skin, and in some cases to infection of the individual zones.

The types of itching

There are several types of skin itching:

- localized.

In the first case it is distributed throughout the body, while the second covers only a certain area. The occurrence of generalized pruritus is most often associated with food allergies, and allergies to medications and external factors such as heat, cold, ultraviolet rays.

Itchy skin can also be divided according to the nature of the flow. It may be paroxysmal and permanent.

Causes of itching and flaking of the skin

Itching and flaking of the skin can be triggered by various reasons. Among the most common is to identify those that were caused by the development of an allergic reaction:

- contact dermatitis;
atopic dermatitis;
- hives.

Intense itching is a great psychological and physical discomfort, so you should not delay its treatment, in the absence of which the skin starts to get irritated more and more because of what it starts showing signs of scratching, which is dangerous appearance of infectious lesions.

Treatment of itching and flaking of the skin

Ways treat skin itching quite a lot. But, not knowing the true causes of disease, to cure it difficult. So before you start treatment, you must carefully examine the description of the inflammation and only then can you choose the appropriate recipes.

When inflammation of the skin, characterized by flaking and intense itching, you first need to exclude diseases caused by parasites. If itching is enhanced mainly at night, it is recommended to drink soothing teas, consisting of Melissa, Valerian, motherwort. In addition, half an hour before meal you need to eat a piece of sugar-infused chestnut that you can buy in the drugstore or make your own. For this 5 pieces wild chopped chestnuts pour 0.5 cups of vodka and leave for 1.5 months to infuse.

To enhance the effectiveness of the chestnut tincture, you can take a bath with a decoction of elder, water pepper and pine branches. You need to take a couple of large roots of an elder, two or three pine sprigs, small bunch grass water pepper and steamed them in three liters of boiling water. Ready broth is poured into a hot bath, time of administration which should not exceed 15 minutes.

Along with the use of herbal medicine in the treatment of itching and flaking of the skin should be accompanied by a strict diet, quitting Smoking and taking alcoholic drinks.

To get rid of the unpleasant symptoms that arise from itching by taking antihistamines, which should not be hormonal means.