Allergy is one of the reasons why you may be shearing the skin on the fingers

The skin on the fingers may peel off due to contact with detergents, which are surfactants, drying the skin and destabilizing the protective function of the epidermis. That's why, when choosing, for example, soap, preference should be given detergent, which are natural ingredients for example olive oil. Yet it is important that the soap had a high percentage of body fat. Moreover, peeling of the skin may occur after contact with solvents, acid, alkaline and alcoholic solutions.
The metabolic disorders can also cause peeling skin on the fingers.

In this case, the prescribed restorative medication. Quick results will give a healing and soothing creams. In addition, you should abandon those detergents or cosmetics, where the fault began to peel off the skin. Moreover, to improve the condition of the epidermis, it is recommended to do the bath with added aromatic oil of lavender or tea tree (to 1 liter of water 2-3 drops of essential oil) or decoction of chamomile.

Poor hygiene

So, delicate skin of the hands can be stretched if you use Terry towels. That is why beauticians recommend not to wipe his hands, and gently DAB the skin. Thus it is better to use a soft cotton towel. In addition, skin irritation can be caused by wearing knitted winter gloves.
To soften the skin and eliminate peeling will help olive oil or flax seed oil. It is recommended to apply this cosmetic on the skin and gently RUB it in for 20 minutes.

Lack of vitamins causes peeling of the skin

To travel the skin on the fingers due to lack of vitamins A and E (a lot of them in eggs, vegetable oil, red vegetables and fruits). In addition, the epidermis may flake off when the body loses vitamin C (especially often this problem occurs in the cold season), so in the autumn and spring period should be included in the diet citrus fruits, onions, apples and greens. If necessary take a vitamin complex, which must appoint a physician.

Fungal disease

The most frustrating cause of peeling skin on fingers a fungal disease. In this case, not only sloughs off the skin, but there is a slight redness, there is burning and itching. If time does not begin treatment, you may experience serious inflammation, and subsequently, the fungus will move to the nail plate.