Advice 1: How to register a foreigner

Any person coming from abroad must be officially registered. Depending on the purpose and duration of stay in Russia, there are different mechanisms for the registration of foreign citizens.
How to register a foreigner
If people come simply to visit or on a business trip, when filling the immigration card, he must indicate the address where he will reside. If he stopped you, you must within 3 working days from the moment of his arrival to go to the FMS and to temporarily register the alien in its living area for a period of not more than 90 days. In this case, does not require the consent of all owners and do not need to notify property management. You only have to pay a fee in the amount of 180 rubles. Documents can be sent by mail to avoid wasting time in queues. After the departure of a foreign citizen you are obliged to inform the migration service not later than three days.
If a foreigner has received a residence permit valid for three years, must obtain temporary registration at the place of residence. If your apartment is privatized, the foreigner come into a local branch of the FMS and write a statement. While you need to bring your passport and the passport of a foreign citizen and a document confirming that you are the owner of the dwelling. In that case, if the apartment is decorated in fractional ownership, the other owners must give notarized consent to the registration of the visitor. If you live in the apartment under the contract of social hiring, you will need to bring a notarized consent of all registered in the apartment citizens.
If a person from another state comes to a permanent place of residence will issue a permanent registration in you own living room. Refer to the migration service with the application, and you will have to specify the reasons that prompted you to register a foreigner, for example, marriage, the contract of work or study, and other cases. All this information must be supported by appropriate documents.

Advice 2 : How to register a foreign citizen

Coming to a new place of residence, foreign nationals should be required to register. For this they need to find a residential facility, to negotiate with the owner on the registration and to apply to the local migration authorities.
How to register a foreign citizen
You will need
  • - residence permit or temporary residence permit;
  • the registration statement at the specified address;
  • - the consent of the owner;
  • - the documents confirming the right of ownership or tenure (for the landlord);
  • ID.
Upon arrival in Russia help the alien to find someone who will agree to register it in his apartment. Selecting a residential facility and with the agreement of the landlord, go to the local passport office. There make sure that a foreigner wrote a letter with a request to register him at a specific address.
To register for a specific place of residence the foreigner is obliged within seven days from the day of arrival. Along with the application present employees of the passport office the passport or other document confirming identity and a temporary residence permit or a residence permit.
In turn the landlord in writing shall confirm the consent to the registration of the foreign citizen. You need to take with you your passport and the documents confirming the right of ownership to housing or the right to use the living room. These documents show the head of the passport office. In the passport office, fill in two address leaf of arrival and hand over the documents along with the application the head of the passport office.
If the apartment is used under the contract of social hiring, pre-collect written consent for the registration of a new tenant from all people living and registered in the same housing. Please note housing standards, relying on one person, as in the case of violation registration of other persons may be prohibited.
People who can register a foreigner, but fear of further claims for housing, explain that registration does not give the foreign citizen the right of ownership. Besides, the rightful landlords can always evict her foreign boyfriend, having written the corresponding application.
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At the end of your stay in Russia (usually 90 days or a period that is set by his / her working contract), the foreigner is obliged to leave the territory of the Russian Federation and to be discharged from the housing, where it was registered.

Advice 3 : How to register a foreigner in his apartment

The legal status of foreigners in Russia is regulated by the Federal law "On legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation". This legislation establishes the rules of registration by place of stay for non-residents are different.
How to register a foreigner in his apartment

The rights of foreign citizens registration

Foreign citizens have the right to choose the place of stay, but must get migration registration in the Federal Migration Service to this address within 3 days after arrival in the territory of the Russian Federation. For them the term "place of residence" the law interprets as living space, not a place of residence of the foreign citizen or other premises (hotel, Guesthouse, etc.), in which the citizen is subject to registration.

If the tenant or the owner of this apartment are you a temporary registration of a foreigner not foreseen by the law – it can only be put on the account of the place of residence at this address.

How to register a foreigner

To register, a foreign citizen is required to fill out a standardized notification form, attach a migration card and a copy of your passport. In the notice, in addition to information about the foreign citizen, contains information about a host. It's your surname, name and patronymic and the address where the apartment is, where is and will stay a foreigner. You, as the receiving party shall verify in the notification information, their personal agreement with the presentation of a passport. The consent of the other members of your family living in this apartment, is not required.

The check can be issued only if the foreigner resides on the territory of the Russian Federation, having a residence permit or permission for temporary residence. And if you want to register a foreigner in the apartment where you reside under a social lease contract, he should have the right to use it, like living together with the employer of a member of his family. In this case, you need to obtain written consent to cohabitation with a foreigner all other members of your family. Including those who are absent at the moment, and the landlord, which is a municipality.

When you are the owner of the apartment, permission to register can also be obtained in bodies of migration registration at the place of location of the apartment. In this case, the alien may be issued as a temporary tenant. In this case, along with the application you must present a passport of a foreign citizen and yours, his residence permit or temporary residence permit and documents proving your ownership of the apartment.
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