You will need
  • Required documents:
  • - a piece of departure;
  • - identity document – passport;
  • - the application for registration on this address;
  • military ID if you are a military service;
  • - a document entitling to registration at the present address, forms of statistical accounting, may require documents proving the relationship with the owner of the premises.
Discharged from the place of your current residence.
At the time of discharge from the place of previous registration, you get a piece of departure, this piece is valid for 7 days.
Submit documents to the passport office of the Federal migration service at the place of the new registration with all necessary documents.
Pay the state fee at the Sberbank of Russia, and together with the above listed documents are provided in the FMS.
Become on the military account in a military Commissariat of area if you are a reservist.
When you have collected all the documents and handed them over to the passport guy, who, in turn, within three days is obliged to transfer them to state authorities that deal with registration. Within three days the registration authorities have to register on the desired area.