You will need
  • - residence permit or temporary residence permit;
  • the registration statement at the specified address;
  • - the consent of the owner;
  • - the documents confirming the right of ownership or tenure (for the landlord);
  • ID.
Upon arrival in Russia help the alien to find someone who will agree to register it in his apartment. Selecting a residential facility and with the agreement of the landlord, go to the local passport office. There make sure that a foreigner wrote a letter with a request to register him at a specific address.
To register for a specific place of residence the foreigner is obliged within seven days from the day of arrival. Along with the application present employees of the passport office the passport or other document confirming identity and a temporary residence permit or a residence permit.
In turn the landlord in writing shall confirm the consent to the registration of the foreign citizen. You need to take with you your passport and the documents confirming the right of ownership to housing or the right to use the living room. These documents show the head of the passport office. In the passport office, fill in two address leaf of arrival and hand over the documents along with the application the head of the passport office.
If the apartment is used under the contract of social hiring, pre-collect written consent for the registration of a new tenant from all people living and registered in the same housing. Please note housing standards, relying on one person, as in the case of violation registration of other persons may be prohibited.
People who can register a foreigner, but fear of further claims for housing, explain that registration does not give the foreign citizen the right of ownership. Besides, the rightful landlords can always evict her foreign boyfriend, having written the corresponding application.