You will need
  • - passport;
  • - application on registration at the place of stay;
  • - the address leaf of arrival;
  • - the contract of employment;
  • - the statistical form of arrival.
Make person assist, lease or sublease of residential premises and specify in it the mutual rights and obligations. However, this is optional. The need to document your relationship: relatives and friends usually agree verbally, but in other cases it is better to err and to sign the agreement.
Prepare documents for submission to the registration authorities. Complete the application for registration at the place of stay in 1 copy, and the address leaf of arrival, 2 copies. Forms you can contact the office of the Federal migration service, or downloaded from the official site You can also use the services of the passport division, who will issue the necessary documents for a modest fee.
In addition, you will need a passport or other identity documents: your and the person you are registering. If you have decided to enter into a contract of employment, take it as a basis for registration.
Refer the documents to the passport of the housing and operational organization. Complete the statistical form of arrival, and in the absence of the contract of employment sign a statement providing the dwelling.
If your apartment is in common ownership, or you live in it under a social lease contract, consent to temporary registration must Express in writing all owners and family members of the employer, except when we are talking about the registration of children under 14 years of age.
The registration in 3-day period to review your documents and issue a certificate of registration at the place of stay. To obtain it the applicant or the owner (employer) of premises in the passport office of the housing-operational organization.
You can also register by sending the documents by mail. The submission must include a statement of registration by place of residence, the address leaf of arrival, the statistical form of arrival, copies of passports and a document forming the basis for registration, which must be verified by a notary or in the housing office.
In addition, submit an application and all required documents via the Single portal of state services