You will need
  • - passport;
  • - visa, migration card (for foreigners);
  • - the statement;
  • notification.
Registration of foreign citizens is of a notifying character. In post offices of Russia take two types of notifications from foreign citizens for the directions to the territorial bodies of the FMS. All documents are sent registered mail with declared value and list of contents. The service costs 118 rubles, in addition, you must pay the shipment according to the current tariffs. The sender must present the identity document.
Arrival notification of the foreign citizen is sent in case of stay in Russia on a visa. The notification form is filled in two copies, attached is a copy of your passport, visa and migration card. After checking the notification, the operator shall issue a receipt, enclosure list, and the detachable coupon of the notice with a postmark on it.
Notice of proof of residence a foreign citizen must send to those who have a residence permit. The form is filled out in one copy and delivered to the operator for verification with a passport and a residence permit. After sending the notification the submitter will be inventory, receipt and voucher notification form stamped with a seal.
Citizens of Russia can submit an application for the registration of the place of residence by mail. To do this, in addition to the Declaration signed by the owner of the property and the applicant must provide a copy of the passport and a notarized copy of the document upon which you intend to reside in the premises (e.g. lease agreement), as well as targeted and statistical sheets arrival.
If desired, the registration certificate may be issued in the subdivision of registration or sent via mail to the address of the dwelling in which you are registered. The owner or a renter will also be sent written notification that his dwelling was a registered citizen.