You will need
  • Documents required for applying to the FMS.
The permit entitles the person without citizenship of the Russian Federation to reside in the country before obtaining a residence permit. It is issued for 3 years. To get it, you must be a citizen of another country at the age of 18 years.Extradition may be refused in case if you have already exceeded the allowable quota of immigrants, which is set annually by the government of the Russian Federation. The documents that must be submitted to the Federal Executive authorities (Federal migration service):- application for issuance of permit for temporary residence;- passport and its notarized copy;- 4 colour photos;- birth certificate;- copy of the migration card;- notification of arrival;- the results of surveys of drug treatment, TB and STI clinics;- certificate of education;- pension certificate;- marriage certificate;
You must then pay the duty and provide the necessary receipt.After filing a response should be expected within 6 months. The applicant will be notified even in case of failure.
Also, each year the person who got the permission, is obliged to provide FMS notice of proof of residence in the Russian Federation and any document that confirms the applicant's income from the receipt of the right to temporary accommodation. You must also register with the tax authority.