Is a temporary residence permit in the passport office of the Federal migration service, with the participation of the landlord and of the citizen, which is to be prescribed. To obtain a temporary residence permit for a citizen may, with the consent of the right holder of the apartment. When submitting documents to the landlord must provide the original and a copy of the certificate confirming the right of ownership. This document is issued in justice at the time of privatization or purchase of a residential facility and shall be kept by the owner.
The landlord gives written consent for a temporary residence permit of a third party. The form of this statement is issued in the passport office and filled it in the presence of the inspector of migratory service. In this statement, the copyright owner of a house or apartment requests the competent authority to prescribe the territory of his home and the citizen. Fill in the graphs, the landlord indicates their passport data and write data, the address of the object on which registered new tenant, the degree of relationship and term of residence.
In cases when the housing is in shared ownership, the consent of each holder and the original certificates for the right of ownership of all owners of the dwelling. If one of the homeowners do not agree, no matter 1/2 or 1/100 of the apartment belongs to him, legally, a tenant cannot prescribe. When the common agreement, each holder wrote a statement requesting the registration of the new citizen. In a situation when the homeowners are parents and minors, the mother or father on behalf of the children writing to consent to the prescription of the new man.
The list of documents for temporary registration provided the passports of all participants of process – owners and prescribes the citizen, if the rights holder of premises child, you need to make his birth certificate.
If one of the homeowners changed the passport data, but has not changed them in the certificate of registration of property rights, the necessary documents confirming the change of data. For example, the owner of the apartment, got married and took her husband's name, already got a new passport, but did not change the data in the justice, she must present marriage certificate to the passport office at the residence of the new tenant.
Temporary registration means the military registration at the new place of residence, therefore, the prescribed military service a citizen must present your military ID. In the migration service of such a citizen will be issued an absentee certificate according to which he is obliged within five days to withdraw from the military accounting at the old place of residence and to register in the military assigned to the new place of residence.