You will need
  • - the consent of the owner of the property on your registration or a document confirming the legitimacy of use of premises (a statement of the owner to provide you with housing, tenancy agreement or otherwise);
  • - certificate of ownership of the owner of the premises for housing;
  • - passport;
  • - the application form;
  • - arrival leaf.
Agree with the owner on the optimal method of registration.
Ask him to issue a statement about the provision of housing or sign a contract of employment or grant provide you the dwelling, if he can't during working hours to visit with your center of registration of citizens or a multi-purpose center. It is better to prepare these documents with a notary who will notarize the signature of the owner of the property.
Complete the application for registration at the place of stay and arrival leaf. Forms you can to the center of registration of citizens (or the multipurpose centre of granting of the state services), download in electronic form on the website of the FMS of Russia or its regional offices or on the portal of state services. If you have registration on the portal you can also fill it online and submit to FMS via the Internet.
Visit the center of registration of citizens or the multipurpose center of providing the state services. If you go there together with the owner, ask him to take the passport and the certificate of ownership housing. Otherwise, make photocopies of these documents. Also bring other relevant documents. A statement and a piece of arrival, you can also fill in on the spot.
Will receive a certificate of registration by place of residence three days after the delivery of documents, if they are all right.