Examine the current legislation of the Russian Federation before entry into the country. Within 3 working days upon arrival to Russia you must register in migration. The person from whom you reside or on which you are working and provides all the necessary documents to the Federal migration service: application, copies of passport and migration card. Travel documents keep the whole period of his stay in the territory of the Russian Federation.
Get free forms notification of migration registration of foreign citizen in Federal migration service. Write a statement of the respective sample about statement on the migratory account. Complete 2 copies of the application form, be sure to bring your passport. Take the detachable part of the notification statement your migration registration after completion of all procedures. The notification shows your period of stay on the territory of the Russian Federation and the address of your accommodation.
Always carry this detachable part and provide it to law enforcement officers of the Federal migration service during planned and unplanned inspections. Do not exceed the period of stay in the country and live at the address specified in the notice. The procedure of migration registration is free of charge. If you don't want to take the documents directly to the Federal migration service, you can be on the account in any post office of the country. Fees will be 130 rubles.
Surrender when leaving the country, the detachable part of the notification taking you to the party, but make yourself a photocopy of this document. Within 3 days took you party should notify Federal migration service about your departure and make you put the detachable part of the notification, after which FMS will officially remove you from immigration records.