The petition is to issue the invitation. A sample form can be downloaded from the website of FMS or be asked to give it in the office. The request specifies the name, surname and patronymic of the inviting person, his passport details (number, date and place of issue, subdivision code), address of place of residence. You also need to specify information about the invited foreign citizen: his full name (in Russian and Latin alphabets), date of birth and place, nationality, place of residence, passport number, date of issue, Paul. You should clarify the purpose of the trip of the invited person and describe the anticipated path of this man in Russia. If the invitation gives the organization, instead of passport data write her full name.
The identification document of the inviting. As a rule, used the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.
A copy of the passport of the person you are going to invite. The validity of passport should be not less than 6 months after the end of the period for which the person requests a visa or planning to travel to Russia.
A letter of guarantee stating that you agree to take responsibility for the contents and maintenance of the guest for the period of his stay in Russia. You also undertake to take care of his medical care, if necessary.
The income statement, which should be enough to provide the specified foreign citizen for the duration of his stay in the country. You can attach the Bank account statement.
The paid receipt on the state duty to invite a foreign citizen. It is not always necessary to separately specify whether you need to pay the stamp duty, to the FMS. You also have the right not to provide a receipt if you don't want to do that.