The rights of foreign citizens registration

Foreign citizens have the right to choose the place of stay, but must get migration registration in the Federal Migration Service to this address within 3 days after arrival in the territory of the Russian Federation. For them the term "place of residence" the law interprets as living space, not a place of residence of the foreign citizen or other premises (hotel, Guesthouse, etc.), in which the citizen is subject to registration.

If the tenant or the owner of this apartment are you a temporary registration of a foreigner not foreseen by the law – it can only be put on the account of the place of residence at this address.

How to register a foreigner

To register, a foreign citizen is required to fill out a standardized notification form, attach a migration card and a copy of your passport. In the notice, in addition to information about the foreign citizen, contains information about a host. It's your surname, name and patronymic and the address where the apartment is, where is and will stay a foreigner. You, as the receiving party shall verify in the notification information, their personal agreement with the presentation of a passport. The consent of the other members of your family living in this apartment, is not required.

The check can be issued only if the foreigner resides on the territory of the Russian Federation, having a residence permit or permission for temporary residence. And if you want to register a foreigner in the apartment where you reside under a social lease contract, he should have the right to use it, like living together with the employer of a member of his family. In this case, you need to obtain written consent to cohabitation with a foreigner all other members of your family. Including those who are absent at the moment, and the landlord, which is a municipality.

When you are the owner of the apartment, permission to register can also be obtained in bodies of migration registration at the place of location of the apartment. In this case, the alien may be issued as a temporary tenant. In this case, along with the application you must present a passport of a foreign citizen and yours, his residence permit or temporary residence permit and documents proving your ownership of the apartment.