You will need
  • - the documents proving the identity,
  • - migration card
  • envelope,
  • - access to the Internet.
Keep in mind that not all post offices do such departure. So first call main post office and find out the nearest branch of mailfrom which to send the notification about arrival of foreign citizen to the office of the migration service.Make photocopies of the following documents:
- passport – your foreign visitor and his. Please note that a copy of the passport of the foreigner should contain the page with the visa.
- migration certificate.
As a rule, the services and Photocopying are available at post offices.
The postal worker at your request will provide you with the forms "Notification about arrival of foreign citizen to the place of residence." You will need to complete two copies. They are filled only in Russian, a pen with black or dark blue ink only and capital letters. Fill out forms necessary notices very carefully, trying not to make blots and errors. If you have Internet access, you will be able to print out the forms notice on the websites of the Federal migration service and the Russian post and arrange them from the comfort of home in a more relaxed atmosphere. Perhaps fill some of the items will cause trouble. Then you can enter the data later, after consulting the employee of the post office.
Give the completed notice to the postal worker along with originals and photocopies of documents. He will collate all the data and check the correctness of the notice. He also needs to put postage stamps on the detachable coupon of notification of arrival and immigration card. A notification is sent to the FMS by registered mail with the investment inventory. The cost of the service for the reception of the notification by the postal communication operator is 118 rubles. According to current postal rates, separately paid the very postage and insurance fee. The total cost for sending the notification about arrival of foreign citizen to be slightly more than two hundred rubles.