Holy relics in Moscow

1. The relics of St. Matrona of Moscow. One of the most revered saints of the twentieth century. Blind obezdwijivanie and uneducated peasant in addition to the gift of healing and predicting had a deep faith in God.

The relics of St. Matrona come to venerate many of the suffering who ask her for healing diseases, pregnancy, a successful marriage and help in everyday situations. The location of the Pokrovsky Stavropigialny women's monastery, where is this Shrine: Taganskaya str., D. 58, metro station "Marxist".

2. The Relics Of St. Nicholas The Wonderworker. Thanks to him, showed many miracles. To his relics come with prayers for peace in the family, help a stranger and the captives, protect widows and orphans. Location: Danilovskiy Val, 22, m."Tula" (Danilov Holy Trinity monastery).

3. The relics and icon of the great Orthodox healer Saint Panteleimon. Him asking for help in different disease States. In Moscow there are two Church with miracle-working icons and relics of this Saint. The Church of Resurrection located on the Sokolnichesky square, d. 6, the m. item "Sokolniki". The location of the Church of great Martyr Nikita - Goncharnaya St., 6, m."Tagansky" or "Chistye Prudy".

4. The relics of blessed Prince Dimitry Donskoy, located in the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael (Archangel Cathedral in the Kremlin) at the following address: Kremlin, Sobornaya square, m."Borovitsky".

It is believed that this Holy helps to keep the faith, moral purity, commitment and courage.

5. "Kiya cross." It is a replica of the cross of the crucified Jesus Christ. It is made from Palestinian cypress and decorated in gold, silver combined with precious stones, in memory of the miraculous escape from a shipwreck in the White sea. But external beauty is only a small value, the secret is stored inside the cross – relics of more than 100 saints.

It is believed that after touching an amazing cross people gain not only spiritual but also physical strength. This Shrine is the krapivensky lane., 4, m."pipe" or "Chekhov", in the Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh.

6. Nail Of The Lord. This major Christian Shrine is located in the Kremlin, in the Cathedral of the Dormition of the Mother of God (metro Borovitskaya or Alexandrovsky garden).

According to one version, this nail is the one that nailed Jesus Christ to the Cross at Calvary. It is believed that this Christian Shrine protects from war and epidemics, as well as strengthens human faith.

Mineral springs in Moscow

In Moscow there are about 30 springs.

A cold source. There is a perception that if you drink water in the morning and evening on an empty stomach can cleanse the kidneys and liver. In addition, water from this sacred spring relieves headache. Location: Warm Mill, near m. Konkovo.

Sacred source, located next to the Church of Nativity. It has healing properties for many diseases, including mental. Location: Tatarskiy ravine.

Also huge demand healing springs, which are located:
near the metro station "Voykovskaya";
- in the Park Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo and Bitsa;
- in Filevskiy Park;
- the Neskuchny garden and Silverpine.

But before drinking water from a healing spring, you need to sanctify it by prayer in the Cathedral.