Man you are cute, always tries to be near you. You can see him walking with friends in the club, near his home, in the store. Even if he lives in another part of town, you'll encounter often and see each other.
His gaze often fixed on you, trying to catch your eyes. Every time you look in his direction, you meet eyes or see how he takes them away. You can ask friends to quietly observe, does he look at you when you turn away. If at this time he is closely watching you, it means he is seriously interested.
He tries to find out information about you. If you know personally, it will be a lot of time with you, genuinely interested in your life and Hobbies. Without such opportunities, he will learn information through mutual friends or social networks.
Boys are showing sympathy unconsciously through their gestures and movements. Code the young man sees a girl he likes, he straightens his clothes, hairstyle, trying to look better. His back is straightened, he will try to look taller and slimmer. Can Flex his muscles or try another way to impress the object of your sympathy. In addition, large fingers he can stick in the back pockets or on the belt.
His attitude towards you will be different from normal behavior with girls. Not rare attempts to touch or just be close to you, for example, to remove hair from shoulder or take the magazine with you. He will try to be helpful, so at the first opportunity to offer their assistance or hurry to provide it without asking. In a conversation with you he can change the voice to become softer and softer, and with potential rivals to his speech will be rough and tough.
If the guy is timid and shy, he doesn't just actively Express their sympathy. But in your presence and communicate with you, he will be worried that will affect his behavior. It will become confused, he will start to lose excitement and a little blush. If he pulls a button, playing with the zipper or just unconsciously twisting in the hands of some object, most likely that is caused by nervous stress from your presence.