Psychologists have identified many signs of love men, among which some relate to his appearance, the other determined behavior. Asking yourself the question: "snail", first of all, pay attention to how it behaves when I saw you. If he turns in your direction, his arms open (not crossed, for example), and the opinion expressed outright joy, no doubt, he is indifferent to you.
A man in love with you unwittingly begins to talk louder, his laughter is heard often and it usually turns to you with any, even minor requests. Agitated by your presence a man can involuntarily touch their hair, RUB their neck, wrist and pull tie.
Listen to the breath of men: the lover, as a rule, in the form of exciting "object" breathing quickens.
Pay attention to his opinion. Lover often tries to sneak glances at you, to look with his eyes. Talking to you, he looks straight into the eyes, not averting her gaze somewhere to the side or down.
A man in love very often manifests itself in an upbeat mood, desire to provide anyone any kind of favor, help, that may even be somewhat unusual for his character.
If he's in love with you, he naturally feels for you sexual attraction. But paradoxically, sexual attraction is not necessarily a sign of love, so we should not think that intimacy is something to solve in your relationship.
When you want to make sure, in love with a man, consider: if he interested in your life? If indifferent, that he doesn't care what you do and what you value.
If he misses me, if a long time not see you? Finds time to call? Obviously, if his calls are heard rarely talk formal, about love, however. If a person is looking for opportunities to socialize and be with you, he cares about you.
If a man introduces you to his friends, offer to meet with parents, wants to have the child with you, it's good for you signs. If he pays attention only to you and not looking with interest at other women, attends to you and embraces you with care sensitive to your mood, makes your gift, no matter big or small, such a man can rely on.
And finally, your own intuition, too, can fairly accurately tell if you are passionate about the man really.