Advice 1: How to know fell in love with you the man or not

When you fall in love, wish the feeling was mutual, because do not want to put anyone who could betray, insult or make fun of you. Opening your soul, are you waiting for faithful, attentive and loving partner. But how to determine that he is truly in love? This question always worried about the girls.
How to know fell in love with you the man or not
Psychologists have identified many signs of love men, among which some relate to his appearance, the other determined behavior. Asking yourself the question: "snail", first of all, pay attention to how it behaves when I saw you. If he turns in your direction, his arms open (not crossed, for example), and the opinion expressed outright joy, no doubt, he is indifferent to you.
A man in love with you unwittingly begins to talk louder, his laughter is heard often and it usually turns to you with any, even minor requests. Agitated by your presence a man can involuntarily touch their hair, RUB their neck, wrist and pull tie.
Listen to the breath of men: the lover, as a rule, in the form of exciting "object" breathing quickens.
Pay attention to his opinion. Lover often tries to sneak glances at you, to look with his eyes. Talking to you, he looks straight into the eyes, not averting her gaze somewhere to the side or down.
A man in love very often manifests itself in an upbeat mood, desire to provide anyone any kind of favor, help, that may even be somewhat unusual for his character.
If he's in love with you, he naturally feels for you sexual attraction. But paradoxically, sexual attraction is not necessarily a sign of love, so we should not think that intimacy is something to solve in your relationship.
When you want to make sure, in love with a man, consider: if he interested in your life? If indifferent, that he doesn't care what you do and what you value.
If he misses me, if a long time not see you? Finds time to call? Obviously, if his calls are heard rarely talk formal, about love, however. If a person is looking for opportunities to socialize and be with you, he cares about you.
If a man introduces you to his friends, offer to meet with parents, wants to have the child with you, it's good for you signs. If he pays attention only to you and not looking with interest at other women, attends to you and embraces you with care sensitive to your mood, makes your gift, no matter big or small, such a man can rely on.
And finally, your own intuition, too, can fairly accurately tell if you are passionate about the man really.
In short, if a man is seriously in love with the king in his head sent home. My mind loses control, thoughts hanging around disunited, the soul walks anarchy. In the end, the most important for woozy from the influx of feelings of man is the desire to see the subject of love as often as possible.
Useful advice
Listen to how men talk at the bar and you hear them excitedly discussing his favorite topic – himself. And when the man stops with you and listens to you is love (or at least a huge sympathy). If a man is in love with you, he is nervous, being with you. When you're around, he chills or starts to beat faster heart.

Advice 2: How to determine that he is in love with you

To understand whether he is in love with you, or just feels friendly sympathy, sometimes it's not easy. Some men, for various reasons, can send girls mixed signals so that it is easier to decipher spyware report, than to understand their intentions. On the one hand, you would never want to be in a compromising position, to seem obsessive or desperate. On the other, so you want to know what he feels. What to do? Look and listen to him carefully.
How to determine that he is in love with you
You will need
  • Interest
  • Observation
  • Elementary knowledge from the field of psychology
Pay attention to his body language.
When a man is interested in a woman, he tries to be as close as possible to it. During a conversation turns to the companion of his whole body, leans in her direction, catching her gaze. Being on the other end of the room, it will still from time to time to try to make eye contact with you.
Catch his glance for yourself and pay close attention to the pupils. If they dilate at the sight of you, he definitely feels attracted to. Keep in mind that your eyes, if you like what you see, with the same readiness will give you to him.
Watch his behavior.
Seeing an attractive woman for him, the man starts to behave as a peacock. He straightens her hair, tie, cufflinks, zipper pulls on the jacket and otherwise preening. If a woman far away from him, he unwittingly begins to raise his voice in conversation to attract her attention. Gradually it will move around the room to be closer to that which it entails. This behavior is almost impossible to take control because it is inherent in us by nature. Because it we are just males and females, following the instincts.
Compare his behavior.
Pay attention to how he behaves with other girls. If it is equally uninhibited with everyone all trying to put his arm around her, laughing, before each "fluttering her tail," this is a bad sign. But if he is all relaxed and natural, and you are timid and shy, it is an indicator that you are more important to him than others.
Analyze what he is talking to you.
If he asks more of you than talking about himself, he's definitely in love. It is only the object of passion may be of interest to more than himself. If he in interested in your interests then you definitely cause him concern. If he teases you a little, he wants guaranteed to capture all your attention.
Take a look and listen to others.
Usually someone from the our love more visible than the one in whom we love. If his friends tease him when you're around, they either know, or notice something you miss.

Advice 3: What about when you were betrayed

Betrayal is the violation of the oath of loyalty, causing harm to the individual, taking advantage of his trust. It relates and adultery, meanness done to a friend. This concept can be attributed only to the closest people you fully trust and in whom you have believed. A stranger to betray you never will. Betrayal occurs, as a rule, in a completely unexpected moment, even so the pain from it especially strong.
What about when you were betrayed
If it happened to say that you are worried is pointless, because to survive you will still and your pain will be strong. Try only to this period is not delayed. If you get depressed and start feeling sorry for yourself, it can take a long time. Suffered a bit, and then ask yourself a simple question that will begin not with "what For?" and "Why?" and with the words "Why?".
If you think well, it turns out that betrayal – again. If it were not for the good that you gave the traitor – love, friendship, trust, this person could not betray you. Tell yourself that you just didn't recognize the traitor and a bad judge of character. Tell destiny thank you for that gave you a lesson and warned for the next time. Think about what you have become stronger and wiser.
Do not expect that the person who betrayed you Wake up the conscience, and he sincerely repents, it is not there and she can't Wake up. In any case, the betrayal is made consciously. If this man is not an idiot, he understands what it's despicable, but probably is for her excuse. Similarly, it will arrive and then, looking for new reasons for their villainy. Take note of this, and if does not happen, stop communication with him, more don't step on the same rake and stay away from him.
But your wisdom lies in the fact that from now on, not be attributed to potential traitors of all other people. Starting communication with the man, believe him unconditionally, but don't get yourself a loyal and flattering friends, don't surround yourself with sycophants, gain immunity to the delight and admiration of his persona. Believing friends, partners or relatives, you can of course once again faced with some nasty, but it's better than to live the rest of my life not trusting anyone.
The openness of your new friend are going to betray the trust, will ease and will make the betrayal or deception almost immediately, so to survive you can safely, same as remove in time from this "friend." That's such a bitter but useful lesson can be learned from the fact that you betrayed a loved one.

Advice 4: How to find out likes or not

It often happens that people like each other, but are afraid to admit it. To find out whether a person is something more than just sympathy, it is possible, after looking carefully to his behavior.
How to find out likes or not
A man in love will seize any opportunity to spend time with you. If you notice that someone pays you more attention than usual, then perhaps this behavior is a consequence of sincere attachment to you.
Pay attention to how it applies to you. If you feel the care and tenderness on his part, then consider what is the reason for this attitude. Often people trying to gain favor in your eyes, in pursuit of their personal interests. The man, who truly loves you, makes it all free of charge, based only on his desire to please you.
It can be concluded that the person is not indifferent to you, if your request does not go unnoticed and ignored. Typically, when you love someone, you try to fulfill any request, even the most insignificant.
Find out from your mutual friends, whether changing the behavior of a person of your interest when you are out. Most often in the company of the object of sighs the lovelorn is experiencing strong emotions. All this is manifested in different ways: someone gets nervous, not giving his companion say a word, someone, on the contrary, withdraws into himself and is silent throughout the conversation.
The look can also be the sign by which you can determine what applies to you. Pay attention to the pupils. If a person is indifferent to you, then their size will be increased. Many people are embarrassed and avert their eyes when experiencing the tender feelings.
If a person is constantly calling you, looking for the reason for the meeting, it is likely that he is in love. However, various signs of attention, for example, presentation of colors, not always to be regarded as an indicator of the true feelings of the giver. Unfortunately, the words "I love you" also cannot be the guarantor of true love.

Advice 5: How to understand love you or not

Beginning to experience in relation to human senses, passing over the brink of the usual sympathy, I want to understand their relationships and understand mutual love. It is so important, because sometimes passionate love turns out to be only passion, or simply a sham.
How to understand love you or not

Learn to distinguish love from love. When you love the partner shall have all sorts of advantages, even non-existent, and idealized. However, love is a momentary passing feeling, which lasts no more than three years. Therefore, at this period is the peak separation. Love, unlike love, long - term and more stable feeling. The basis for it is a good understanding and knowledge of the partner, and making his personality flaws and advantages. True love, contrary to popular belief, is not blind: it is only possible with a deep knowledge of the person. If initially the man seemed not the way it really is, inevitably, disappointment. We should distinguish between love and passion, which can be an integral part of love, and manifest themselves. In passion there is unrestrained sexual desire, which is a leading part of all interaction pairs. Passion overshadows reason, is not subject to social norms and makes you do foolish reckless things. It is a sort of madness, covering the soul of man. This phenomenon is also short-lived. It will sooner or later fade away. And then the relationship built on passion, be impossible, people break up, losing mutual interest. Love is based on the commonality of the attitudes, priorities, interests and attitudes. It arises when the partners are fun to be around. Therefore, one of the obvious signs of love is the desire to spend much time together. It is not only about noisy parties, visits to clubs and such events, but more about the moments when people are pleased to discuss the various cases, just to talk to each other. Loving people show each other continued care, have signs of attention, trying to make life easier for your loved one. The one whose love is genuine, not your efforts to flaunt or to reproach them. Another significant sign that love you, is the constant desire of the partner to touch you. Here we are talking about simple physical contact, informing loved the warmth of his body, of the heart. A light touch - the physical equivalent of the words "I love you". Loving people interested in the lives of their loved ones. Im wondering how was their day, what pleased or upset the other half. The indicators of trust and love may also include a person's desire to share with others their experiences.

Advice 6: How to understand falling in love with a girl

Often for men, not too well-versed in relationships or are accustomed to hide their emotions, the diagnosis of "falling in love" becomes a serious problem. It is important to understand your feelings on time: this will help to avoid fatal mistakes and not to lose my beloved.
How to understand falling in love with a girl

The main signs of love

Will watch for a few days for your thoughts and notice how often you think about the girl. If you think about her occasionally, and then only when there are certain associations connected with it, hardly talking about love. If you think about the girl often Wake up and go to sleep with tender thoughts about her, most likely, you already had strong feelings. A good "marker" love is the ability of the brain a large part of the phenomena and objects to turn into even more of a reason to dream about the woman. For example, seeing a flower stall, you can think about what the bouquet is like your beloved.

A man in love begins to make plans at least for the near future, though each of them certainly present his fiancee. Thoughts on "where we go to relax, where we will live together." These plans can be as ephemeral and immediate, so clear and detailed – it all depends on features of character of the man and his perception of the world. Careful person, who has had the misfortune to pass through a troubled relationship, begins making plans for the future, to think about in addition features a candy-floral period and life together after it, choose behaviors that will help to avoid future quarrels and partings.

Love often inspires. Men may appear strong desire to do something good for girls: write a poem, compose a song, give a bouquet of flowers to make a decoration with your own hands. And even if the poet and musician of his bad, and to make beautiful things it is not big, these little things will fade before the desire to make the beloved pleasant.

Simple tests to determine the love

If you are still not confident in their feelings, conduct some simple experiments. To start, observe your feelings when you are chatting with a girl that you like. Whether you are waiting for her message constantly scan whether email or phone, if worried, think over whether dialogue options? When communicating tete-a-tete love may appear even brighter: man becomes withdrawn or, conversely, too talkative. The heartbeat quickens, there is anxiety, confused thoughts and sometimes we can even slip the phrase, "What am I doing?!"

To the above two options, you can add another one: priorities. Think, what choice will you do if the girl will agree to go on a date with you, but at the same time, the friends will appoint a trip to the bar, at a sports match or other event that will be of interest to you personally. If you expressly choose a date with a girl, most likely you're in love.
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