Advice 1: How to hug a guy

Embrace is a great way to take the initiative in a relationship with a guy that you like. Especially if you are not sure whether you like him. You can achieve physical contact, and you don't have to look at the guy. So even for the most shy, the first way of close fit. Besides, for the first time hugging a guy, you can surely find out whether you have anything or not.
Embrace is a great way to take the initiative in a relationship with a guy
You will need
  • Confidence
  • Case
In order to hug a guy, you need to reach a certain level of relationship with him. That is, at the very least, you should be familiar and from time to time to chat.
Stand or sit next to the guy. Try to minimize the distance between you, to be able to touch him. But don't do these maneuvers is obvious.
To hug the guy, during the meeting maintain eye contact and often smile. If he would smile in response, then there is a good chance that you also like him. Although even if he did not answer a smile - do not despair. Maybe he's just shy.
Tap a couple of times to his arm (or leg if he's sitting). Note how he reacts to these touches. Wait for the right moment for cuddling. If you are Dating, for example, during a football match, wait until your team scores a goal, and you can easily embrace the guy in a fit of joy.
Then apologize for your actions, pretending that the hug was an accident. Say, for example, that you are so rasperezhivalas that it happened by itself. If you give him cute, then most likely he will say that everything is in order, and he even liked it.
If, for example, along a walk, in order to hug the guy, you can mention that you are cold. It can offer you warm in his hands. If he does, you can reply with your hugs as thanks.
If you spend time in the company of friends, you can jokingly hugged him amicably. Just don't make it too romantic. If he likes you – he, too, will prinimat in response. And who knows what the outcome of these friendly hug.

Advice 2 : How to return an old love

It happens that the feelings do not pass after the breakup, and then, before the man raises the question – how to get back old love. After all, your ex other half knows you inside out, she already knows the disappointment in your relationship, so in order to re-build a harmonious Union, you will have to work hard.
How to return an old love
After you have made the decision to bring back the old love, find out how is the life of your ex beloved. Well, if you are studying in the same school or work together, then you know what he changed, and did in his life with someone new. And if you didn't communicate all the time after a breakup, will have to turn to old friends and explore the social network, building a way to return a loved one.
So, if a surprise did not happen and your lost love not tells all his friends about how it yearns for you, you have two options of behavior. You can come to the object of the affections and right to say that your separation was a mistake, love is still not fading. Be sincere and try to say all that you have accumulated over the months you spent without a loved one – because another chance may not be. To excitement not to forget anything, it would be nice to use the old proven method is to record on paper the main points of the conversation. Of course, it is not necessary to read the apology from the crib, but remember what you want to talk before you press the intercom button, would be helpful.
If your breakup happened for a long time and you and your life have changed (for example, from a poor student you have become a successful young man), then you can stand up to my loveof Yu in the new world and start relationship again. However, after coming to his beloved with a bouquet of flowers, remember that your first meeting after a long separation, should not turn into a dispute, who at the time of parting made more. Treat your ex as a recent acquaintance that you like, don't bring up past mistakes and faults known to you, but remind him that remember his strong features and respect his tastes – it is always winningly.
If you are a bad girl and you did not help the aforementioned ways, you can use a magic ritual, which for several centuries used the abandoned woman. It should be done in the night from Thursday to Friday. Take two mirrors, place them opposite each other, put a candle in the middle. All the while she would burn, you must repeat the words"Black spell of not bouchot himself will not deny,I beg to the candle -Is because I want to".
Useful advice
Getting started the return of an old love, think twice whether you need it. Often people can't let go of ex-lovers because of ego. Remember that having a new relationship is much easier than to revive the old.

Advice 3 : How to recognize love by a kiss

Just one kiss of a loved one can cause an overwhelming passion to produce the body's happy hormone (endorphin). He extols to the skies, it fills one with tenderness and love. And most importantly – it gives insight into how you relate to really.
How to recognize love by a kiss

Use kiss

Oddly enough, but while kissing people bring to each other not only pleasure, but also of great benefit. Kissing improves blood circulation and metabolism. They will use many facial muscles, so there is a gymnastics person.

One minute of passionate kissing can burn up to twelve calories. Scientists have proven that if you kiss every day is just three minutes long, it is possible to lose three pounds. And this is all without exercise and exhausting diets.

Love kiss

Kiss is a great way to Express love. But, unfortunately, not everyone kisses only for love.

If your partner kisses you very passionately, while he holds you to him and does not want to break away from your lips, it means he's really in love. Sometimes a kiss can mean overwhelming sexual desire. To make sure of his feelings, just pay attention to how he usually behaves with you. If, in addition to the searing kisses he gives you attention, wants to spend with you all free time and make you something nice, be sure he feels you love.

Love kiss may not be just passionate. It can be neat and tremulous, like the touch of butterfly wings. If your partner is shy and quickly kisses you, and his cheeks instantly blush emerges, he is not only love, but also a little shy.

Kiss furtively, suddenly and without any permission, also speaks about love. Most likely, it's the kiss of a man who for a long time hiding your feelings and desires. This lips is remembered for a lifetime.

Other kisses

If your partner kisses you on too strongly, he probably considers you his property. So one must be careful not to fall under its influence.

Neck kissing mean that your partner wants to possess you sexually. This is because the neck is an erogenous zone for men and women.

If he's a bit of nibbling on your lips, so once you give him a reason to be jealous. A kiss on the nose says about sympathy and not about love. Man, thus, wants to say that he likes you.

Give each other loving kisses as often as possible, then your relationship will never lose its flavor and will not become a habit.
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