Note how often you overlap. If you meet every day in the usual places, like school, University or at work, it's not suspicious. But if meetings take place at your favorite Park, a club or a party friend, this is probably not accidental.
Let's see how he behaves in your presence. Lovers guys are trying different ways to attract the attention of his girlfriend: loud laughter, screaming, bragging or started a fight. Indecisive guys can show their feelings in any other way – voice shaking, hands sweating, you look nervous and insecure.
Install visual contact. The guy you like, can either try to hold your gaze or quickly taken eyes. Watch him when he says something interesting to his friends. If, during the conversation, he from time to time throws at you the views, that means he likes you.
Touch him and see the reaction. If he can be pushed aside, so no feelings there. Notice how often he was the first to contact. When the guy for no apparent reason constantly touches your arm, shoulder or back, it's an expression of sympathy.
Listen to what he says. Love the guy will be interested in you, your interests, trying to learn about you more information. To put them in place of history, which put him in the best light. In the course of conversation he might involuntarily repeat your movements, gestures or facial expressions.
Change hairstyle, clothes or repaint the hair. Usually guys don't notice these changes and they did not say, but the person you care about will pay attention to it and compliment.
Start to communicate with him better, meet and walk together. If his behavior in your society different from the usual, so he's trying to impress. Watch how often he offers to meet, you have your business for meeting with you, and where offers to spend time.