To understand what a man in love, but hides his feelings from his behavior. Let his face does not Express any specific emotions, but his actions may sooner or later give way of thinking. About love men can say his efforts as often as possible to see the subject of their feelings. If you were more likely to see close to the opposite sex, which at every opportunity tries to talk to you, may you cause him any feelings.
To understand what a man in love, in his eyes. Here you need to focus on that, is this representative of the stronger sex shy or not. The overly modest men, when in love, often try to look away from the woman and feel uncomfortable if you look into the eyes. More resolute Cavaliers, on the contrary, always try to maintain eye contact with the object of his adoration. And that, in either case, it is important to observe the eyebrows of a man: when meeting with the woman, they often twitch involuntarily and unable to rise up from a surplus of emotions.
A man in love may behave strangely and during intercourse with a woman. Strong males in these moments I say with a hint of pride in themselves, trying to interest the object of his passion. They also often flirt: too many jokes and clown around. Modest men can, on the contrary, confused words, and was talking quite coherently. And sometimes gives them away, a blush appearing on his cheeks.
Most likely, you will quickly see that the man is in love, but hides his feelings, as the representatives of the stronger sex suffer unrequited love. If they continue to avoid trying to get closer to the object of adoration, you can fall into a long depression, and as soon as the woman turns around, their face becoming quite sad. Strong the males will take the initiative, proposing to communicate in a secluded place and go on a date.
Remember that the feeling of love rarely occurs immediately. Even if a man gives you a variety of favors, invites you on a date and behaves unusually, it can talk about what you are attracted to him sexually, but not as an object for a lasting relationship. It is best to have the courage to try to ask the gentleman about feelings directly. Most likely, when the right time he will be glad to reveal to you and to dot the i.