Sympathy is not always expressed in a classic courting lady. It starts with timid signs of attention. If a guy likes a girl, he's not always looking for eye contact, but looks at it necessarily, albeit furtively, because men love with their eyes.
If you have friends in common, love the guy will try to ask them about you. The important thing is that he wants to know your phone number, no harm will be information about whether you have a young man. So if you get a text message from an unknown number, not necessarily that someone made a mistake.
Get help from friends. Ask them to observe the young man. Self-assessment often fails, but an independent opinion is sometimes very valuable. Perhaps his interest in you obvious, but something prevents you to see it.
Sometimes we are inclined to approach you, the guy is trying hard to meet your friend. At first glance, it seems strange, but such actions just. He cares about you, so go for direct contact does not risk it – is afraid to be rejected. And entering your circle through a friend, he will get the opportunity to know you better in the rights of man.
Take the initiative - it is the most reliable way to learn about sympathy. Say Hello to a young man, invite him to sit in the nearest café, ask to deal with zabarahlil auto – act according to the situation. If he is interested in you, his reaction to your proposal will be positive. But a shy guy so you help to pave the way to your heart.
Remember that a really strong liking to hide almost impossible. Even if the exterior of the attraction does not manifest itself, and your romantic hero is not prone to glare and blush at your appearance, sooner or later, he will manifest his love in the most natural way – just recognize it.