If you like a young man, he will always seek for your companies. In the case if you have delighted the young man, he will try as often as possible to see you, send messages, chat by phone, Skype, etc. For this fit literally any pretext, not even very plausible (and frankly far-fetched). The young man will try to stay out of your way at every opportunity, often pretending that the meeting was completely by accident.
Try to analyze his behavior, for example, does it change when you fall into his field of vision. If so, this is a good sign. After all, if you were indifferent to him, he would not show emotion when she saw you. For example, the young man noticing you, abruptly terminates the conversation with different people, directing all their attention to your person.
The guy likes the girl, tries to protect her from the risks, sometimes existing only in his imagination. Therefore, if a young man offers his help, for example, to meet and accompany you to the house in the dark, this too can indicate his feelings. Also he will often ask about your health, mood, business.
In that case, if you are clearly not one of the many, he may experience jealousy. Try to sneak to notice how he reacts in cases when you hang out with other guys, especially if you show them your location (smiling at the conversation, agreeing to slow dance, etc.). If he frown, or some other way to demonstrate his dissatisfaction, the reason for such behavior is not difficult to guess. But do not overdo it, because if he thinks you are indifferent to him, he can just try to forget you.
Finally, there is another unmistakable way to test the guy's feelings. Young people who really liked girls, a lot forgive them. For example, allow fairly sarcastically to make fun of, to play. If a guy shows angelic patience with your caustic jokes, you obviously really like him. But of course, it is not necessary to go too far, because everything is good in moderation! Do not humiliate a young person, even if you're joking this way. About his warm feelings can tell you a lot of surprises, gifts from him. In the end, look closely into his eyes, because the look of a young man in love will be warm, radiating tender feelings.