The first sign of affection is look. If a guy tries to hide his feelings, he will throw a timid indecisive views, or on the contrary – he looks at the girl, appreciating. If a man tries to catch your eye as often as possible – likely, he likes you.
Gestures give the true feelings of the guy. If he sees any girl, he starts to fix his clothes, hair, shake off the dust from the pants. Besides, the man at the sight of his lovely person unconsciously keeps your thumbs on the belt. Note the facial expressions of the guy. If he likes you, talking with you, he slightly raises eyebrows.If you're nice to the guy, he strives for verbal contact – tries hugged her or just touch in any way trying to take over her personal space.
To understand whether you like the guy, you can voice at the sight of a potential rival, his voice becomes rough with a girl – he is gentle and velvety. If a guy tries to engage you in conversation on any topic , most likely he cares about you. Adequate sociable man may suddenly become silent or sarcastic, funny way, he also shows his sympathy. He laughs at your jokes, or Vice versa – became overly sensitive and takes everything you say too close to heart. A man starts a lot and sometimes even Intrusive to help he liked the girl.