To understand that the guy likes you, if you don't communicate, can have on his behavior. A man usually looks towards any girls, and if you often meet with him, maybe you piqued his interest. In addition, young people often try to be as close as possible to the object of admiration, sometimes without even thinking about it. If a guy, for example, began to sit closer to you during class in school or University, walks the same road with you, it may not be just.
There are other signs that a boy likes you. You can ask his friends or acquaintances, but it is better to choose the most reliable people who will not tell others about it. Try to agree with someone that this person talked to the subject of your admiration it is in order to know his attitude towards you.
Social networks are becoming one of the most convenient way to understand the man's thinking. If he became to evaluate your records or photos or even suddenly sent a request to add to friends, although you do not know you very well, it can say that the young man is looking for ways to get to know you and makes it clear that the time has come to talk.
If you can't understand if someone likes the guy or not, but he does not start communication, do not delay it indefinitely and take it into their own hands. Try at least to say Hello to a man and try to get to know. If you don't have the guts to do it live, you can write to him at social networks or just to hint, that he himself began to chat. There are many men who for years secretly in love with the girl, but do not dare to approach her, hiding his feelings behind his indifference. There is nothing wrong with that the girl starts speaking or sending you a message first, sometimes it helps two people immediately to come together and join in a happy relationship.