You will need
  • - the diploma about the higher or average medical education.
Qualified beauty therapist must have a comprehensive knowledge and skills. In addition to the basic treatments for skin, it is important to possess all the methods of therapeutic cosmetology. Is a massage, having special drugs problem areas, hardware cosmetology, the introduction of gels, electrophoresis, ozone therapy and oxygen therapy, lymphatic drainage, electro and bio epilation, etc.
If you decided to become a professional beautician, but do not have medical training, you better get it. Otherwise, you will not be able to get on a solid course and will not be able to get a job in a prestigious salon. In this case, you can do the following: to graduate from medical school and then enroll in the cosmetology or to enroll in medical school and simultaneously study courses. If you have a diploma of secondary or higher education diploma nurses you will get in just 10 months.
Courses cosmetologists offer two types of training: short and long term. The program lasts from two weeks to several months. It all depends on your level of training. Short-term courses are generally for practicing cosmetologists who wish to improve their skills.
At the initial stage you will pass the anatomy, the biochemistry of the skin physiology, the structure of the muscles of the body and face. Then begin to study dermatological diseases and methods of diagnosis, including a computer.
Practical classes are conducted by practicing beauticians. First you will learn methods of cleansing the skin, kinds of masks, methods of care for face and body, various types of massage. Then acquire the skills to operate the necessary devices for figure correction, light therapy, electrolysis, etc. you will Practice on each other. Due to this practice not only acquired professional skills, but also understand the feeling gained from a particular procedure.
When the basic knowledge will be obtained that will teach you to create a customized program depending on the needs of the client. Courses cosmetologists also provide classes on ethics and psychology of communication with customers.
Throughout the period of training will be conducted by tests and tests. Test marks – fours and fives. If you get three, you will have to retake the subject. If something will not work out, you will be asked to work out with the teacher individually. Before you obtain a document of education, you will need to defend a thesis project.