In Russia there are a large number of educational institutions where you can attend a specialty stylist. These educational institutions carry the name "school of stylists". Basically training is a short-term program of courses, that is, in a relatively short time you can learn quite a lucrative and interesting profession. Upon completion of training a certificate is issued which entitles the graduate to be an expert in the field of fashion and style.
In Ekaterinburg wide recognition for this profile received High school of image and style. In this educational institution are used the most modern methods of training of the stylist, as well as European methods of education. Furthermore, a possible internship in Europe. Education equivalent to secondary.
Another popular institution is the European Academy of image, which has branches all over Russia. Learning also takes place in the European system and in a short time, which is very convenient. This is a for-profit school aimed rather at improving the quality of prior learning in this field, and also "read" lectures on the most popular topics.
Remote and full-time courses of image makers provides, for example, such a school, the international Institute of Image Rely. It is famous for European teachers, excellent education system, high profile technologies, training abroad, and many others.
The school of practical image of "Vanessa" in Moscow is working in this direction for about 10 years. Specialists of the educational institutions practice an individual approach to each student, help in the shortest possible time to master not only the theoretical basis but also practical part. So the students themselves are cut, manicure, conduct the hair coloring and master the subtleties of make-up on the invited models.