You will need
  • - a set of basic hairstyling tools;
  • - specialized literature;
  • - access to the Internet.
To basic education in the field of hairdressing on short courses or in a specialized institution. Courses are more popular, because in just a few months you can get the basic knowledge to practice and to get to work.
To choose a good courses are not so simple, though offers a lot. First, ask friends, maybe they know where you can get a really good preparation. You can ask the masters whose work you like where he studied, what courses can recommend.
Selecting more suitable courses, take the time to sign up and pay. Try to visit them all and compare between them. It is often practiced free trial lesson or you can be a model for students. Ask about the training program, practical training, possibility of visits in a convenient mode and opportunities for further employment.
The other option training – specialized universities, schools and colleges. The training period is bigger, but the amount of knowledge is given much more serious. Upon completion of training graduates receive diplomas entitling them to work in the specialty.
Starting to work, do not forget about improvement of their qualification, try to follow all the novelties in their field. Attend master classes by famous stylists collaborate with colleagues.
Stay up to date with the help of specialized literature: books and periodicals. Here you can find a lot of useful information. Periodical literature is designed primarily for experienced artists who are already able to understand the diagrams. Much information can be gleaned on the Internet. Here are various video tutorials and master classes that will help you to reach new heights in mastering hairdressing.