Parting with a man born under the constellation of Scorpio, do not stretch the process for a long time. After learning about the upcoming event, the former favorite of the second half can greatly damage the life, began to terrorize the phone calls and threats. Report the gap as soon as I decided to end the relationship.
Try not to hurt the feelings of a proud Scorpio, a grudge he never forgive. Even if the cause of the breakup in his behavior, take the blame. So you will avoid aggression and unfounded accusations.
Change your mobile number, create new accounts on social networks. Persistent Scorpions may long to attempt to restore the relationship. Deprive them of this opportunity by eliminating all known contacts.
If the former, the second half still learned a new phone number and calling with the offer to see, refuse. Another feature of people born under the constellation of Scorpio is the ability to persuade. After meeting, you can again fall under the influence of this dangerous arthropod. And then it will come off in full, turning your life into a nightmare.
Convince the other half that the breakup you need first and foremost to him. Let it be the feeling that he throws and not leave it behind. Focus on career, friends, new opportunities. Tell me about how wonderful he is, you just don't meet the level. Flattery is the best weapon against Scorpions. Taking everything at face value, he really will think that he breaks the relationship.
If all methods tried, and the second half all early insists on the resumption of ties, say that you have changed. Moreover, being in a relationship with him. This Scorpio will not tolerate. Sense of ownership, especially pronounced in this sign, will not allow him to continue meeting with the wrong partner.