You will need
  • - Abbyy FineReader;
  • - Abbyy Screenshot Reader.
Download and install a program on your computer Abbyy FineReader, for this go to official website to select the desired product and click the link "Download". This program is designed to scan paper documents, but you can use it to recognize the file in Pdf format. To do this, run the program, then select menu "File" – "Open". Select from the computer filethat you want to recognize.
Set text: the language (you can select multiple languages, for example, when the text is in Russian, but in it there are words in the English language); the division of the text into blocks (text blocks, images), permission. Highlight the text, right-click the mouse and select the block type (text, picture or table).
Then click "Recognize". You can then save the text by copying it into a Word document. Recognition pdffileand can be run as a single page and the entire document at once.
Install Abbyy Screenshot Reader. After that, the tray icon will appear in the program. This application allows you to recognize text from a pdf document opened on the screen. This also goes for any images, and everything generally appears on the monitor.
Open the document, click on the program icon, select the source type (image, text) and the type of data to retrieve. You can choose text, table or image. For example, if you need to recognize tabular data, select the field "Text" is "table".
Next, the screen will display the cursor x to highlight the desired information. After recognition there will be a table in MS Excel with inserted information from the document. To break the text on columns in the table, use menu "Tools" – "Split in columns", select the delimiter (space or tab), and click OK.