Features of the PDF format

The PDF format can include both a text component and graphical objects (images). Sometimes the images in the PDF represent the scanned text. Features of each individual PDF document and set your editing tasks determine the choice of methods convert a PDF file to Microsoft Word format (DOC).

The use of the clipboard

This method is simple, but it leads to the loss of the original formatting of the document and is actually the manual Assembly of the new document. Use any program for viewing PDF files having the functions of copying text and images. Open viewer PDF. Highlight a piece of text from a PDF and copy it to the clipboard. Open Microsoft Word and paste the text from the clipboard. Likewise, you can do with images. After editing, save the file with a. DOC extension. This method is sometimes sufficient for small documents, besides, it does not require installation on your computer expensive programs.

Working with Microsoft Word 2013 and LibreOffice 3.3

Microsoft Word 2013 can open and edit PDF documents. This program is paid, but the work in it comfortably. Opening the PDF in Microsoft Word 2013, then save it as DOC, and then start editing. This will allow you to preserve the original formatting of the document. Free LibreOffice 3.3 also has a PDF Import extension for working with PDF files and can save the document in DOC format.

Programs to convert PDF files

There are a large number of Converter programs to convert PDF files to DOC Microsoft Word. Among them there are both paid and free, and not all of them work quite correctly. If you want to perform this transformation with formatting, you may go for the program Solid Converter PDF. Open the PDF file in this program and choose from the icons menu option "convert to Word". Next, open the settings window where you can select and start conversion. The program Solid Converter PDF is interesting because it has a built-in function of recognition of scanned text.


Quite often you can find PDF documents, in which information is presented in the form of scanned pages with text. If the text is not handwritten and not made fanciful font, it can be recognized and exported to a Microsoft Word document as text, not an image. The best solution to this problem is ABBYY FineReader. Of course, for text recognition in a specific language, ABBYY FineReader must be able to work with fonts of a given language. Be sure to pay attention to this aspect, if you want to buy ABBYY FineReader