If you want to scan a document so that you can work with the text, make the modifications, you need to use application for text recognition. Such programs can go with the scanner, or be distributed separately.
Place the document in the scanner, call the app for text recognition, scan the document. Invoke the OCR, wait for it to complete, copy and paste (or export in another way) the recognized text in a text editor. In the editor, make your changes and save the document as a text file.
In Microsoft Office Word you can save documents in .pdf-format. To convert the document .doc (.docx) file format .pdf, select the menu "Save as". In the second field "file Type" choose from the list of supported formats *.pdf and click "Save".
When using applications for recognition of text depends on the settings of the scanner. The higher the scan quality, the more time it will take to process, but the quality of the scanned document will be better (without noise). Consequently, the text will be recognized with fewer errors.
If you need to scan the text as a copy (the usual pattern), set your scanner settings to save the image. Specify the format for saving graphics, which then can open. For example, if your computer has no programs that support the file type .png, does not make sense to save scanned documents in this format.
To convert a graphics file from one format to another, use the Converter. Another way: open the document in a graphics editor and save it in another format using the options available in the "file Type".