You will need
  • - text editor;
  • program Fine Reader.
Download and install the program of recognition of scanned text, for example, Fine Reader. Check the functionality of the program – many modern versions support the integration of the scanned text directly in Word, if such a function exists in your copy of the program, perform the operation by passing the following paragraphs.
If you have an older version of the program, scan need to edit the document with the standard program of your copying equipment that you usually use, and then save it in the format .jpg on your computerE.
Click once, right-click on the saved image, select "Open with..." and in the list of programs, select the recently installed you Fine Reader. If necessary, check the box "Use for all data files of this type. Also you can simply scan the image using the already open program, select “Scan and Read” the image from the device is imported directly into the workspace. For this in the settings, specify the settings of the scanner in program mode Fine Reader.
In the opened window select "Recognize text". Wait until the program will perform the reading of the document. If the results of the operation do not meet your requirements, change the settings of scanning and recognition, and repeat the procedure again.
Save the document in any format that is supported by Microsoft Office Word. Close Fine Reader, navigate to the folder in which you saved your document.
Open the file with MS Office Word or any other text editor in which you are comfortable to work. Make your changes in the file, save the results.