You will need
  • Software Microsoft Office Document Imaging.
As an example, you will use this utility of software package version 2003. To start click the "start menu" and select "All programs" (for Windows XP and newer) or "Programs" (for older versions of Windows). In the opened list look for Microsoft Office and run Microsoft Office Document Imaging.
In the main program window and click the top menu "File" and select "Open". In the window "Open file" specify the location for the scanned document (tif format). After selecting click "Open" or press Enter.
To perform the recognition operation of the text , you must use the internal command "Recognize text" from the top menu "Tools" or from the top menu "File" (depending on software version).
The recognized text can be easily copied to any other Microsoft Office document. Do not forget that are ready to copy sections of text transferred to the clipboard, not as a text document, there are some rules. For example, you cannot copy the text, stopping the secretion in the middle of a word, bring it to the last letter of the word and copy.
The selection text is not a marker type, and framework. To do this click the top menu "View" and then click "Select" (the cursor image). After you define a piece of text, ready to copy, click the top menu "edit" and select "Copy" or use the context menu of this page.
Go to another Microsoft Office application. Click the top menu "edit" and select "Paste" or use the "Clipboard" from this menu. Also the insertion of the copied fragment can be carried out via the context menu of the current document.