The conversion without the use of special programs

If you want to save in jpg small fragment of a document, you must open the file and post it, so that the desired part is entirely visible on the monitor. Then press PrtSc (Windows 7 users can use the standard program "Scissors").

Now open the screenshot in any graphics editor and save in the desired format. It should be borne in mind that the image in the RGB color model, and its resolution will be the same as the resolution of the monitor. For high quality printing of such images is not suitable.

Online services to convert documents

There are many free online services with which you can convert pdf to various formats. Among them we can mention To convert a document to upload it to the server, to specify the desired image quality and click "Convert pdfв jpg".

The service is convenient because there are no restrictions on the size of the download and no registration required. It is possible to obtain high-quality images with high resolution (300 dpi). At any time, you can check the readiness of the document, and after the conversion, you will receive a notification by e-mail.

Free the Converter programs

One of the best free utilities for work with files and converting them to various formats is PDF-XChange Editor. To convert pdf document to graphic format download it in the app and in the menu "File" select "Export". Next, click on "Image". Left to select the page to specify the format and mode of export. By placing each page in a separate drawing, click "Export".

You can also use other free apps. For example, a simple program called "PDF to jpg Converter". Using this tool, you can convert to jpg as the entire document and any of its pages. You will need to run the Converter, open a document, specify the page range and location for saving image files. And also choose the quality and size of the resulting images.

Batch conversion

If you need to convert pdf files in batch mode, it is better to install on your computer free the software PDFMate Free PDF Converter. To work with the application easy. Running the program, you will see a dialog box in the upper left corner is a button "Add PDF". With its help, select the documents needed. In the working box will show the list of downloaded files.

Click the IMAGE on the bottom panel. By default, converted files will be saved in the folder source. If necessary, this setting can be changed. To do this, select the option "Custom" in the lower left corner and click "Open" to select a new place. Now click the "Create" button and the program will start converting files. In the "Status" will show the conversion process. At the end of the process the status will change to "completed Successfully".

Total PDF Converter

Among the paid programs a good choice for working with files-pdf will tool Total PDF Converter. It has convenient interface, supports Russian language and easy to learn even for inexperienced users.

In the left part of the window is the conductor by which the selected document. This displays all information about a file: name, size, type, last modified date, attributes, title, author, subject, size of pages and number of pages.

After selecting the desired document, click the "Convert to JPEG". When converting a multi-page file Total PDF Converter can create one image that includes all pages, or separate file-jpg for each of them.