One of the most popular programs for OCR is ABBYY Fine Reader. In addition to the usual scanning of image files, the program allows you to recognize PDF files (without text layer) or DJVU, retaining the original formatting and appearance of text. The application can work with many different languages and keep the end result in formats DOC, DOCX, XLS, ODT, TXT, RTF, and PDF.
Download the software from official website and produce it in accordance with the instructions of the installer. After installation is complete, run the application.
Open the menu item "File" - "Open the PDF or image." In the appeared window select the image you want to scan the text.
Wait for the process of adding selected items to the document. After graduating in the left part of the window will display all attached images, and the right will be shown full-size version of the selected page. Using the toolbar you can select the boundaries of the scanning areas. On the left side of the program window, select "document Language" - "Russian" (or any other supported language that you want to recognize).
Go to "Document" - "to Recognize" or use the corresponding button on the toolbar. After the procedure is complete, select menu "File" - "upload a document in" Microsoft Word. You can also choose the save format in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, TXT or HTML. Select a location to save the file, then press "Save". Recognition is completed.
Works Fine Reader you can use a free program called CuneiForm. To quickly convert a single file you can use special online services to scan the images. In particular, there are online versions of FineReader, SimpleOCR and OnlineOCR Service.