Make a very competent and correct letter and ask the question. Delicately describe my problem. Do not use obscene expressions and conversational phrases. If you do not have a high level of literacy, then ask for help from a lawyer. It certainly will help you as competently to write an appeal to the Deputy.
Their appeal begins with the words "dear" as your letter of a formal nature. Correctly indicate the position, surname, name, patronymic. Only then proceed to the description of your problem and include not only General but also specific arguments to justify your personal position. Don't forget to sharpen its focus on quick response, putting all your contact information, personal information, phone numbers by which you can be contacted. Specify the date to be able to register your letter.
To your email be sure to attach the documents, fully describing your situation. It can be various references, copies of waivers of any organizations, the answers of the Prosecutor's office.
A letter to the MP can be written electronically, for example on the official websites of local governments. Your letter will necessarily be dealt with in accordance with the law. Write your name is required in Russian to the person reading your appeal, not in pain, how can you properly call it. Be sure to include the subject, observe etiquette, avoid jokes, don't write long digressions.
The best option of sending mail is registered mail with notification, and better inventory of the contents. This ensures that the treatment really reaches the destination. If the Secretary or the assistant to the Deputy refuse to accept treatment without a valid reason, then ask for justification and a written explanation of the situation