Visit the official website of the program "Man and Law". Will scroll down the home page. In the lower part, decorated in a grey horizontal rectangle, under the headings of the sections note the link "Electronic feedback form". It is located on the right side of the rectangle printed in small font. Click on the link.
In the opened page, select the subject of your message. If you want to go in gear with the problem, you need to click on "Legal center for People and the Law." In special fields submit information about yourself and your e-mail address to which you want to answer. Ask your question or send a message in a designated window. Under it you will see a simple example, write your answer in figures, this kind of security code. The response will be sent to your email.
Write a letter on paper and send it to the address of the program: 127055, Moscow, Butyrsky Val, d. 68. Please specify your contact details, address, phone and e-mail, where the editor transmission could send a response. You can also attach a materials video or audio and send to the editorial office parcel.
E-mail with private e-mail box. Email in the subject line please indicate the section that applies to your appeal. Response to your message will come throughout the week.
Call the Legal centre "Man and law" on the phone 495-646-06-97. The center staff will answer your questions and give comments on that topic, you can also get legal advice. You can also contact the legal Information portal on the same phone, just transfer telephone to tone dialing and press "4".