First, make sure that the path to the deputies legally open to you. You must be at least 21 years old, you must be fully competent to be a citizen of the Russian Federation and not to be in prison. Be sure to check with regional laws on the electoral system adopted in your subject of the Russian Federation.
If you are going to go to the polls in the self-nomination, gather an initiative group that will nominate you. If you are going to become a Deputy on the party list, to join the party. As a rule, there is no legal requirement for entry into the party there. However, to join the United Russia all-taki is difficult. As a rule, the deputies from United Russia become successful entrepreneurs, athletes, actors, media persons and simply very popular people who are able to bring the party victory.
Consider their electoral programme, the strategy and tactics of the election campaign, methods of conducting election campaign. The independents, it is very helpful to hire a team of political technologists who are able to lead you to victory. All parties have long been available in the service of such professionals. As a rule, in small towns and villages this is not required. There people are guided by personal acquaintance with the candidate or that know about it.
For a Deputy is vital the following qualities: fast and accurate intelligence, excellent communication skills, strict appearance and impeccable manners. It is also extremely important. You must be "their" business and political circles of the city, to constantly be the center of attention, make new best acquaintance. You should appreciate as a responsible person who can be entrusted with important and expensive undertaking.
The policy is costly, and to become a member without money will not work. So please be capital before the start of the campaign. The amount of expenses varies greatly from the political situation of the region, from the popularity of you or your party and different unexpected costs. Agree with sponsors and banks. To advertise and promote himself without sufficient capital is difficult and ineffective.
Try to start his political career from the position of assistant Deputy. For this you need to be a citizen of the Russian Federation. Deputies appoint assistants themselves, so establish yourself in front of them as a very helpful person. In this position you will lead yourself the right experience with the right people, raise your reputation and gain political experience.