Remember that the order of consideration of addresses of citizens is regulated by law of the Russian Federation, according to which the drafting of these securities must meet certain requirements. On this basis, carefully consider the text clearly and concisely specify the request, question, identifying the specific assistance you expected from the Deputy. Don't forget to list documents, articles of the law that give you the right to a positive decision of the authorities. First designate out against you, or persons representative of the interests which you are, the laws or just describe in detail the circumstances of the case.
Mark, have you applied for the solution of existing problems in local authorities, if Yes, what and describe the answers given by representatives of these bodies attach to the appeal copies of your requests and government-proposed solutions.
In detail list the address and name of state body or local self-government, or the surname, name, patronymic of the official to whom you refer. The letter and leave your contact information to receive a reply or forward notification to your application. Because if the competence of the Deputy does not resolve your problem, then within a week from the date of registration of your message should be directed. A properly executed appeal must be registered within three days from the date of receipt.
Keep in mind that the established order allows you to ignore the statements illegible and very hard to read or does not contain your name and return address. As well as the texts of documents, including abusive language, obscene revs or threats to representative government.