Advice 1: How to write a letter to Astakhov

Pavel Alekseevich Astakhov since 2009 he is the Commissioner of the President of the Russian Federation on the rights of the child. Turning to him with issues concerning the rights and freedoms of the child, restoration of violated rights of children with complaints of the activities of the local authorities in violation of the law in the direction of minors. Today, many criticize Pavel Astakhov, because he does not conduct personal reception of ordinary Russian citizens. After all, for him even there is no possibility to send appeals in writing, as to Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. But still a small chance that the letter is addressed to the lawyer comes to him there.
Letter Astakhov

How to write a letter to lawyer Astakhov

If Pavel needed as a lawyer in court to protect the interests, write a letter and make an appointment through the website of the College of lawyers of Pavel Astakhov - To become a client advocate or his assistants, it is necessary to click on "appointments" in the middle. Fill in the surname, name, patronymic, telephone, a valid e-mail address and describe the problem.

Before sending the message should describe the problem succinctly, and intelligently informative. It is not necessary to paint all the nuances of the case, you can simply specify that all of the necessary documents are on hand and, if necessary, will be provided. After receiving the letter Astakhov, if he is interested in the case, the link will his press Secretary and tell further steps.

How to write a letter to the Commissioner for the rights of the child Astakhov

After appointment to a new position Pavel Alekseyevich began to receive complaints about the violation of the rights and freedoms of minors at administration of children's homes and boarding schools. But the newly appointed official is not valid to consider all requests received by him, and address them personally. Therefore, all emails are sent to the regional authorized on the rights of the child. Of course, egregious cases Astakhov is investigating itself.

Some officials due to the lack of function direct access to Astakhov think it is the post of the Commissioner only with self-promotion for the lawyer.
To appeal to the Commissioner it is necessary to visit the site in the upper right corner click "Apply". There are reminded that all requests sent from this page don't go to Pavel Alekseevich, and officials on the rights of the child of the region, where sent treatment.

On the page should be competently and correctly to fill all the blank fields to specify the passport data, exact address, phone. In the text of the appeal to formulate the complaint in a clear language, without unnecessary details. Enter code from the image and send.

Pavel Astakhov, there is no official page on the social network Twitter To attract the attention of a lawyer with their problem, you can use retweets of his recordings or leaving a comment.

The silence from the side of Astakhov's not worth it to give up. There is a reception of the President and the Prime Minister, where you can also write a written appeal. Maybe from there will give the order on the investigation of the complaint.
There is also the opportunity to write an open letter to the Commissioner for the rights of the child and to publish it in print media or on the Internet. Giving universal publicity is an option that for this problem take yourself to the Ombudsman.

Advice 2: How to write a letter to the client

Business is any enterprise can not exist without the ultimate consumers of its products – potential and real customers. Customer acquisition is the main goal of the so-called direct marketing. And quite common, simple and effective direct marketing tool is the mailing of letters to potential consumers. How to write a letter to the clientto using persuasion, reasoning and trust the words to "persuade" him to take the offerm enterprises?
How to write a letter to the client
You will need
  • Internet access
  • the presence of email (if the emails will be sent out via the Internet)
  • envelopes (if letters will be sent in paper version)
  • client base
Create the "right" customer base. Under the "right" base " means the classification of customers according to four characteristics – permanent, new, proposed. The fourth category includes so-called "bad" consumers, i.e. consumers, bringing the company a small or zero income. Created client base need to reflect the email addresses of consumers and the actual mailing address, information about their transactions (orders, purchases, returns), information about their geographical location, social status and needs. Based on wydepilowane classification and created a base, to form a sentence. From well-formed bases it will be possible to make a selection of clients who fit a specific proposal. For example, MS Ivanova likes sales, so any sale can please her. But Mr. Petrov is a representative of companies that purchase from you the latest developments and technological innovations. He will do suggestions about new products.
Specify the title to the letter, or develop a design envelope that will be necessarily opened. Only a vivid and memorable phrase can warm the client's interest and make him open the envelope or came by e-mail letter. For example, a special offer from company X, which should not be overlooked.
Specify the text of the letter to appeal to a specific client by name and patronymic, clear and understandable offer and signature.
Design advertising flyers. It is important to pay attention to the design and text. If the letter will be sent by regular mail, they must and print, if you are planning a letter – electronic, will be enough of a leaflet layout in jpeg format.
Invest in an envelope or attach a file to an email with an advertising flyer, order form and the letterm. Send the proposal in envelopes, mail or email the letterM.
Useful advice
Separately want to note that a typical advertising-newsletter is often ignored by users, even if they are regular customers. It is important not only to articulate their proposals, but also to interest them in person. The only way mail will be an effective sales tool.

Advice 3: How to write an open letter to the President

Any citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to appeal to the President. You can just send a holiday greetings, but if you have a very difficult life situation and you can't solve it yourself you can write a letter or file a complaint with a request for the restoration and protection of their rights, freedoms and interests, and the interests and freedoms of others. How to write an open letter to the President?
How to write an open letter to the President
Do not use rude, foul, offensive language when writing letters. It should not be very long but not very short. Do not write the letter only in capital letters. Avoid complex phraseologisms, otherwise your inquiry will be difficult to understand. Write correctly and avoid spelling errors. It is very ignorant of letters are removed. If your letter contains a complaint, application or proposal, make sure to include your return address, which will receive a written response with recommendations to concrete actions. Indicate also your contact number, sign your letter. Remember, if you write a letterconcerning appeal against court decisions, justice in the Russian Federation is exercised only by the court. A judiciary independent from the Executive and legislative authorities. Any interference with the judicial process prohibited by law.
Send your letter by mail or bring it yourself to the reception of the presidential administration on the address: street Ilyinka, d. 23, Moscow, Russia, 103132. Be sure to legibly include your return address, otherwise the letter will not be considered.
Send and email the letter if you have a computer and connect to the Internet through the official website of the President of Russia Here you will find a special form of sending the letter Read the information and complete the letter in accordance with the rules. The length of your message must not exceed 2,000 characters. Please attach electronic copies of materials and documents, as required in the format of mp4, wmv, flv, mov, avi, mkv, jpg, tif, png, gif, pcx, wma, mp3, txt, rtf, doc, xls, ppt, pps, pdf, bmp. Check the text for errors and submit.
Publish your open letter to the President in a public newspaper or a personal blog. On the Internet there are many sites for this manifests. This letter can be signed as soon as you and a group of stakeholders.
Remember that the President does not read every message personally, he doesn't have time for this. All emails are checked and granted to him in the form of a summary report. You should also be ready to specify their personal data, because anonymous letters are not considered.

Advice 4: How to write a letter to the presidential Administration

What to do if there is a problem that can not or do not want to allow local authorities? In this case, the citizen remains the possibility to appeal to the President. These applications will be reviewed by a special Department at the presidential administration. But how correctly to issue the petition, so it was taken into consideration?

How to write a letter to the presidential Administration
You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
Decide how you want to send a letter. There are two options - regular mail or in electronic form. Plus e-mails that your request will be handled faster.
If you decide to send an email request, go to the website of the President of Russia On the website select the tab "Send email". Next, press the red button "Send email" at the bottom of the page. You will be able to see the form, all fields to be filled. Select whether you want to answer by e-mail or regular mailbox. The email will come faster, but the answer from the presidential administration, on official letterhead, might look more convincing in the case of its use.
Specify in the questionnaire the surname, name and patronymic, as well as e-mail and regular address and phone number. Select the country where you are writing and the recipient of the President or his administration.
Go to the writing of the letter. Its volume is limited: the maximum text size is 2000 characters. Write about a specific situation or concerns, General questions are not taken into consideration. Specify where you described the events. You can also attach any scanned document that explains the situation.
After checking the questionnaire, click on the "Send letter". If the letter came to your e-mail address will receive confirmation.
If you for some reason do not want to send the message in electronic form, send it by regular mail to the address Moscow, 103132, St. Il'inka, 23. Address it directly to the President or his administration. The letter also enter your coordinates for feedback - surname, name, patronymic, address and phone number. The letter is better to send with the notification - in this case, you can be sure that it has reached the right place.
You can also contact not only with the Central administration, but also to one of the presidential Plenipotentiaries in the Federal district. The full list of representatives can be found on the website of the Russian President in the section dedicated to the presidential administration. To communicate with an authorized representative you can use the messaging systems on the website for your Federal district.
If you go to the presidential administration concerning judicial decisions that did not suit you, keep in mind that officially, the President can influence the judicial decision. Judicial power in Russia is legally separated from the Executive. Therefore, to be more productive appeal to a higher court.
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