Find the address Council of their district. This can be done on the website "E-Moscow". Open the site, go to "the authorities". Choose the category "City". Bottom of the page on the right you will see a list of types of institutions. Click on the category "Administration", and get a list of them with addresses and phone numbers.
Make a letter. Top right enter the name of the public authority, i.e. the district Council where you are applying. If you write in a specific unit or a specific person, and also specify its name.
Write self-treatment. It is written in free form, a particular form may not exist. Simply and clearly state his complaint and the request, not being distracted by unnecessary details. You must also specify the surname, name and patronymic, the mailing address. Anonymous letters will not be considered. Bottom line, you must put the date of writing of the appeal and a personal signature.
Send a written letter by post to the address of the administration (preferably by registered mail) or bring it personally during business hours. Plus, in a personal submission letter that it will register under you and will put this stamp on the copy of appeal. You will then have the confirmation that your document is pending.
On the websites of some councils you can write and email request. To do this, go to your Council, find the section "Write a letter". Fill in the required fields, do not forget to specify the surname, name, patronymic and address. In order for staff to contact you faster, you can also specify your phone number and email address.
If your letter no answer for a long time, please contact the Secretariat of the Council. Its phones are also given on the website. They will be able to give you information about the review of your appeal. If you know what number it was registered, inform the employee of the room.