If you suspect the dog has the presence of worms, don't delay. Contact the veterinary clinic, the animal is examined by a doctor and prescribed the necessary research. As a rule, to determine the parasites study the feces, but a single study with a negative answer may be uninformative. Please note that many alarming symptoms, is often taken for signs of worms, talking about more complex hidden diseases, so consultation with a veterinarian is very important.
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Conduct deworming of dogs 1-2 times per year and separately, prior vaccinations, if since the last prevention it has been more than six months. So as to vaccinate an animal infected with parasites, not just useless, but dangerous, be sure to perform the necessary procedures under the supervision of a physician 2 weeks prior to vaccination. Increase the number of preventive interventions to 1% in the quarter, if the dog is at risk of helminth infection, for example, her diet often present raw fish, meat and offal, she eats on the street in faeces or dregs disposal of food waste.
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Never repulse worms dogs during pregnancy and during lactation. If we are planned mating, slide prevention no later than two weeks prior to the event. Newborn puppies worming is allowed at the age of 21 days.
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Special purchase drugs in pet stores and veterinary pharmacies. Remember that the purchase of drugs in the markets and "hands" can lead to negative consequences for your pet. Fake or expired drugs provoke the poisoning of animals, sometimes leading to death.
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Strictly follow the requirements of the instructions to the pills and drops from the worms. Before applying the medication, weigh the dog in order to calculate the most accurate dosage: even a slight increase in dose can cause severe intoxication, especially in animals of smaller breeds. To destroy not only the adult parasites, but worms, again derived from the eggs, repeat in 10-14 days.
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In case of heavy infestation with worms of dogs, and especially puppies (for example, pet is sick with parasites, worms in the feces visible to the naked eye), be sure to consult a specialist. The animal may need a drip and more tests.