Advice 1: How to determine what the kitten worms

Domestic cats very often suffer a variety of diseases. Before visiting the vet, some illnesses can be recognized independently and to try to alleviate an animal's life. Worms or helminths are parasites that are often found in cats. There are a number of signs, which can determine that the animal is infected with parasites.
How to determine what the kitten worms
In young kittens the worms appear very often. Try to take this possibility seriously, because parasites from animals can be transmitted to humans. Special risk group – young children. So try to carefully observe the kitten, by detecting the change in his behavior.
Possible at the first sign of graying of inadequate animal vet. In the clinic he will do all the necessary tests, and you will know, infected or not. If the parasites really are, the doctor will immediately prescribe the appropriate treatment.
To suspect the appearance of worms in a kitten will allow careful observation of its behavior. Take a look to see if some oddities in normal everyday games. Perhaps he began to suck it to the root of the tail, or actively to skate backwards on the floor. These actions may indicate infection with helminths.
Look at the kitty. If the animal is strongly irritated the anus, and eyes constantly flowing pus, that is a reason to smell a rat. Also there is a reason to look at the feces of the animal often worms go along with vomit or stool. The patient cat feces can come out with the blood.
Pay attention to how the kitten eats, and gains weight if it. A sign of the presence of parasites can be a depletion of the animal with very good appetite. The belly of the cat can look rather bloated, and at its palpation by the reaction of the kitten will understand that it is painful.
Even if no signs of infection of the kitten you found, it is bound to give him a deworming drug for prevention. Remember that little kitten the appearance of worms is a serious disease that can even lead to death.

Advice 2: How to determine the sex of a kitten

To distinguish an adult cat from cats are usually easy signs of muskego dignity of cats is expressed very clearly and unambiguously, and their absence clearly indicates that we face the cat. But with young kittensmi this method usually doesn't work – the sex organs of babies are not yet formed, and separating cats from lions "by eye" is quite difficult. How to determine the sex of a kitten?
How to determine the sex of a kitten
When it comes to kittens at the age of one to two months, on the presence or absence of "bumps" under the tail better not to focus – it does not help to distinguish a cat from a cat. The fact that Vasek and Murzik testes could not descend, and in this case, the scrotum will be quite small, and it is almost impossible to see or find. But the little Murki in the first weeks of life may be a little swelling in the genital area, which then disappear.
However, to accurately determine the sex of a kitten – just look at the shape and relative position of urogenital openings. The gender of newborn kittens to determine even easier – their fur still fluffed up and does not hide features of the structure.
To determine sex of kitten, gently put the baby on the palm (on the stomach) and gently lift the tail. Under him hide two holes. Top, located under the tail – the anus, he had all the kittens look the same.
If the anus a short distance you can see the vertical slit (vulva) - so, before you cat. If the second hole is round and is slightly lower (at a distance of approximately cm from the anus) is the urinary hole cat. Overall, the picture that we see in cats, resembles the letter "i" and the cat colon. And this distinction allows you to accurately determine the gender of newborn kittens.
The size, shape of face and other parameters of the seals will begin to differ from cats at the age of 1-1,5 months. But while the kittens are newborn, this method will not help to distinguish the sex of a kitten, because cats often newborns are larger and more active cats eat better and more relaxed. To determine the sex of a newborn kitten you can only look under his tail and carefully examined his genitals.
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A paradox, but it is easier to determine the sex of a newborn kitten (as long as the hair is not dry and not up) than a few days. At the tail of the kitten shows 2 holes: one is anal, the second refers to the genitalia. Kitty the distance between these holes is very small - 3-5 mm, not more. The cat it is greater than about 1 cm (because between these two holes is the scrotum, which in newborn kittens still empty.
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